Costa rica the beautiful country of Central America is a small country of 51,100 km square and almost 4 million inhabitants. The small size and good governance make it a little Switzerland of Central America and the Caribbean region.

And ‘possible to visit it far and wide with ease with a car rental or by public transport, although the roads of Costa Rica are often in poor condition, a fact which constitutes a special and helps to keep the country and the ‘environment in a state wild and natural. The arrival point for almost all international visitors is the capital of San Jose , the real heart of the country, located in a central location from where all the roads to all possible directions. From San Jose can be reached in short the slopes of the volcano Arenal, an active volcano and its immediate vicinity you can also swim in the warm waters. From Laguna de Arenal you can reach the reserva biological Bosque Monteverde Nuboso to enjoy the lush flora of the tropical cloud forest.

Coming on the Pacific coast, in the region of Guanacaste, the scenery changes dramatically, the rainforest gives way to broad valleys mostly arid kingdom of vaqueros, and the beaches surfer welcome from all parts of the world in Playa Tamarindo, where the particular long wave allows even beginners to practice the first rides on the Pacific Ocean.

The beaches that begin 15 km south of Tamarindo, Playa Avellana and Playa Negra are instead the realm of the more experienced surfer, and the difficulty of access caused by unpaved roads and real rivers to wade in the rainy season they are a charm wild and still not for everyone. Continuing south, after the seaside town of Jacó, location colonized by North American population who decided to settle here and the intense nightlife, you can reach the breathtaking scenery of the Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, the most famous of the country, where the rainforest stretches creating incredible views of the ocean.

On the fantastic Caribbean coast of Costa Rica you have the opportunity to have an adventurous experience reaching the village of Tortuguero by boat within dell’omonino park. An excursion by canoe along the canals and walking inside the forest you will plunge like in a nature documentary and here you can see all kinds of animals, from alligators to howler monkeys. Arriving in Cahuita will begin to enjoy the tranquility of the Afro-Caribbean culture that characterizes this part of the country, until then culminate in the evenings reggae and afro Viejio Puerto de Talamanca, Costa Rica which is the hub of nightlife and every positive vibration and will make you exclaim in full harmony with the local culture.

Costa Rica, is the home of Pura Vida and the home of the Surf. Many travelers are attracted by the opportunity to go surfing or take their first steps riding the waves of the Caribbean Sea or the coast Pacific’s beautiful beaches and tropical wilderness of this nation. The perfect place to learn is Playa Tamarindo, with its long wave, steady and quiet, suitable for those new to the sport for the first time.

The resort, which also enjoys the title of Tamagringo for the crowd of American tourists offers the opportunity to tell the truth, the surfer tired and not well trained, to be able to distract you in the many bars and the main Avenue of fate on the beach . Do not miss inside the Parque Nacional Santa Rosa, the ability to surf the fantastic point-break of Playa Naranjo which is formed due to a rock monolith located off the coast known as Witch’s Rock or Roca Bruja. The park also offers another spectacular point-break, Ollie’s Point, the scene of a famous film dedicated to surfing.

Since costa rica has number of places to see, so it is requires ample time to visit these places completely. So best option is to plan your vacations in advance, book your accomodation and rent a car, so that you don’t have to face any problems during vacations.