If you have ever locked yourself out of your home or car or simply forgot your keys inside your apartment or office you know the urgency and stressful nature of such situations. Most of us at one point or another found ourselves in a lockout situation that requires the immediate assistance of a professional, certified locksmith. When such situations occur it is important to keep in mind a few useful tips that will help you receive help as soon as possible and take some of the stress away from this uncomfortable situation.

For years Lock and Tech USA has been providing 24 HR locksmith services in Atlanta. Throughout this time we have assisted many customers and helped them get on with their busy day quickly and affordably. In order to assist you in getting the help you need we put together this easy to remember “to do” list. Following these guidelines will help you if you are ever stuck in a situation that requires immediate emergency locksmith assistance.

1. Know where you are

As simple as this may sound many people get stuck in lockout situations in places they do not know. Whether it’s the mall parking lot, a doctor’s office or your local shopping center, before calling us for emergency assistance is is important you know your exact location. Providing us with your exact location will help us arrive at your location as quickly as possible. If you own a smartphone you can use your phone’s GPS capabilities to find out your exact location using various map applications installed on it. If such a device is not available try asking people passing by the area or go inside a local business if there is one where you are and simply ask them for their exact address. It is also recommended to look for the nearest cross streets and provide this information to your service company when calling for service.

2. Provide proof of ownership

For your security and protection a certified locksmith will always ask you to provide proof of ownership for the vehicle or property you are attempting to get into. If you are in a car lockout situation you can show your service technician a copy of your car registration if it includes personal information such as your name or address. If you are requiring a house or office lockout service feel free to show your technician a copy of your lease or one of your utility bills that will list your name and address on it. This precautionary measure is taken to avoid situations where individuals take advantage of professional locksmiths and try to use them to break into a car or property that is not theirs.

3. Only use a registered, certified locksmith

Once you have called us for service and provided us with your exact location, we will head out to assist you in one of our mobile service units. All professional locksmith technicians will always arrive at your location in a clearly marked car and wearing a company uniform. When your technician arrives you can ask them to present to you their certification or company ID to ensure that the person providing you with service is a certified technician who is bonded and insured. Make sure the technician provides you with an exact quote detailing the complete and full costs of the services he or she intends on providing you before they begin working. Once the work is completed make sure to inspect the work area to ensure no damage has been done to your locks or property and that the job has been completed to your satisfaction.

4. Keep the contact phone number handy

The surprising nature of emergency locksmith situations requires you to be ready for such situations at any time. We highly recommend programming a certified locksmith’s phone number into your phone to make sure it is there for you if you are ever stuck and need to contact them. Lock and Tech USA’s certified technicians are bonded and insured and are at your service 24 hours a day. Simply call (770) 425-6625 for immediate assistance in your area.