Your offerings are no less than celebrities and thus your product and services too deserve best publicity. The question arise is how to do this with least or negligible investment?
Social media is the answer to proposed question! Your participation in trade shows, corporate events or even exhibitions can be best promoted and publicized through exploiting Social Media. You need not slice any chuck to do the same out of your trade show promotion budget, the good news is- its all for FREE plus extends the value add of incorporating the likeliness of going viral. Albeit social media demands time coupled with manpower. This pushes you to gather your talent pool; examine proposed marketing plan and devise innovative concepts plus marketing schemes to gain the most by publicizing your trade show, corporate event or exhibition participation on social media. We suggest you to consider three phases for devising social media strategy to publicize your trade show participation and relative activities. The three proposed phases are – PRE, ALONG and POST trade show or event. Design your creative (pictures / images / animations / videos); craft your message content which you plan to use in your communications and plan when it would be ideal to publish them.

Following are few suggestions which may help you to set the ball rolling.

PRE – event activities

LinkedIn, Face-book, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, You-tube and Blogs are all famous platforms to initiate your trade event participation publicity. Please be informed that date, time location along with your booth number is a must to be mentioned in your communications. Exploit the free available break to update your audience with your plans – promote your schemes and activities that keeps you audience engaged, including sponsorships, contests, discounts, special offers, new products or services and giveaways. One more calibrated way of using social media is through making use of hash-tags, so forget not to add hash-tags in your tweets which you plan to publish. Make sure to incorporate the hash-tags in your invitations or even your website to make the visitors or invitees aware of it. Request your invitees to share the posts and messages you publish or release and follow you too.

ALONG – the event activities

Social media interactions is like open sky allowing you to soar as high as you may in creating messages during the event. For example, followers can be invited at a specific time to gather for a Tweet-Up using your hash-tags or even the event’s official hash-tag. Make your invitees feel exclusive and inform them why they should attend the trade show or event. If you have a demonstration activity ask them to join you for the same; if you have invited some special guest let your audience know about the same; if you are offering surprise gifts make them aware or you may even request them just to enjoy the refreshments. Four-square is the ideal location for your trade show exhibit display, since its easily accessible from all sides thus it gives your brand the maximum visibility. For such a location which ever trade fair exhibition system may you choose for your booth design; be it a portable exhibit booth design, modular display exhibit design, pop up trade show booth or even rental booth it will for sure make a remarkable impact on the minds of invitees along with other visitors. The mobile technology has made it pretty possible for us to keep the visitors or invitees engaged about the latest that’s happening in your booth, this can be achieved in real time when you upload photos and messages during the event. Forget not to insistently request all visitors to add you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter or encourage them to keep in touch with your updates through any of their preferred social network platforms.

POST – event activities

Social media related promotions are limitless thus avail every bit of this opportunity to get the best out of it. Use the potential of social media to promote your offerings post trade show or event. Utilize You-Tube to publish trade show video clips, upload photos on Facebook or create new albums you may even simultaneously tag your invitees and know faces, or create and publish a blog post. In the end it’s your courtesy to extend “Thank you for visiting us”. Visitors of any trade show or trade fair event like to keep track on tweeted threads even after the event so persistently use hash-tags on post show tweets. Thus, to publicize your presence integrate social media in your marketing campaign strategy for trade shows and events.