visual acuity recovery method 1, distant gaze find a place 10 meters outside the grass or trees: Green because of the shorter wavelength, imaging in the retina, the eyes adjust to relax, eye ciliary muscle relaxation, relieve eye fatigue. Don’t blink, not the blink of an eye, eliminate distracting thoughts, concentrate on, be absorbed in at 25 seconds, identify the outline of a leaf or leaves; then the left hand slightly higher than 30 cm in front of eyes, one by one from a to Z see palm, about 5 seconds; read palm prints after staring afar grass or leaves for 25 seconds, and then read palm prints. 10 minutes repeated 20 times, a day to do three, fell powerful vision to increase the number of training. 2, crystal gymnastics , the twinkling of an eye: Tuosai hands, according to eye   on, the left, right turn in the order 10 times, then counterclockwise, clockwise rotation 10. , get a picture of the scenery outside 3 metres (such as: the calligraphy and painting on the wall and so on), and lifted his left hand away from eyes slightly high straight (30 cm), see the palm lines, to see distant objects, try to quickly move eyes in two, and from the 20 times. 3, massage exercises sitting or supine, will naturally closed eyes, and then massage the acupuncture points around the eyes. Requires accurate, manual mitigation points, to local acid bilges feeling for degrees. 1. knead day should point: with both hands thumb gently Rouan day should point (below the brow, and outer corner of the orbit). 2. squeezed by Jingming point: with one hand thumb gently Rouan point Jingming (root of nose and eyes located proximate the inner canthus) to press down, and then to the squeeze on 3. knead four white hole: use forefinger rubbing cheek the central part of Sibai (orbital sebocytes one finger). 4 according to the temple, round eyes scraping: with the thumb pressing the temple (the middle brow and the outer corner of the back of a horizontal refers to the place), the index finger second inner surface and then bent light eyes scraping a circle, from the inside out on -> -> under -> under, the orbit around the save bamboo fish waist, sizhukong, Tong   Zi Liao, ball, Chengqi points by massage. Good for pseudo myopia, or prevention of myopia degree deepened. In 4, the election of a quiet place, or sitting or standing, whole body relax, clear ideas and personal considerations, the two heads opened, head and neck fixed, to the eye alone. Just below the eye gaze, slowly to the left, then go to look at just above, to the right, and finally back to gaze directly, so, first clockwise 9 laps. Then let your eyes by staring below, go to the right, to the top, to the left, then back to the bottom, in this way, then turn counterclockwise 6. A total of 4 times. Each turn, the eye should be possible to reach the limit. The instant method can exercise the muscles, improve nutrition, flexibility ease the eyes, one’s eyes brimming with radiating vigour. 1 1/7self testing: do you have a city woman skin? modern popular term, there are a lot of new words, such as nouns, such as, including many kinds of modern urban women’s living state. And today we will have a look these urban woman skin problems. Urban woman is a new concept? Don’t worry, immediately for you to explain. what is the urban woman? urban woman refers to those urban workplace fashion appearance, work able, after coming home is too lazy to even the makeup does not discharge, holding the instant noodles, Waterloo on the sofa, snacks, disc, television, network to spend time alone OL, like some popular saying earlier this year, japan. “with simple, rough,” is a woman attitude on the skin, the reason behind is actually free, lazy, tired of buying, evil is tedious, program or to wipe a face. In fact, women face what can such a pass, the lack of care, if the lack of love, was more rough, dry, water is exposed, the dark. An antidote against the disease, the mask is the woman to simplify the most convenient and effective skin care products: a potent, intensive nursing can quickly in order to lifeless skin like supplement energy, to restore moisture and vitality. urban woman test , however,  so many different types of mask which one is the urban woman choice? Now, you should know about your roughness index, tailor-made for you the following mask first aid plan: Are You urban woman? 01 as long as possible, will choose randomly scattered leisure lifestyle. 02 Festival holiday more love with dishevelled hair and a dirty face to nest at home, do not wash your face, do not wear underwear. 03 and glamorous, love to wear loose style more, flexibility of fabrics clothing, then don’t care a bit to coordinate the whole dress up. 04 milk directly with the box of drinking, cooking pot to eat directly after holding. 05 often think only climb the stairs will let your heart, suddenly and stage heart will irregularly. 06 out if forget things, return when no shoes, directly to the toes point in the. 07 at least half not beauty, not million in the summer, will suddenly remind of to do facial. 08 even if a person will be dining restaurant. 09 of their body weight is always very fuzzy, don’t know and don’t want to know the exact numerical. web site: first pages, 8 pages 1/8