Speak first: to relax their mood and talking to strangers, don’t let yourself get nervous tension, because easy to muddle. Don’t because of each other’s status or identity of the noble and strained, when necessary, they can be excited, not nervous. second: speak the idea to open, this is the premise of the mood relax can do. Open-minded, talk, you and your partner in the dialogue can talk naturally many. third: talk humor, of course this occasion. Humor can make the atmosphere is more relaxed, let them feel that you talked to is a kind of enjoyment. Humor is when people relax before. A mood have, not some of the emotional tension. So, relax mood is still the key. fourth: talk must pay attention to your behavior. Cannot act recklessly and care for nobody to mess with words, most of the time, a lot of things is because of the simple words so few inconspicuous to happen. fifth: talk to fully respect each other, to meet each other’s face. To gain the respect of others, you must first respect others. You respect will give each other know of you bring. sixth: talk to be humble. Don’t be opinionated, think how great their. In fact, the more people who have the ability to more modest, what they did not understand. The performance is still water  runs deep. It is a wise man. seventh: talking to understand their position. Only that they are standing in a position where, only know that they need where to speak. eighth: speak  out what I need to say what kind of words. Good, bad, generous, aggressive, rounders words, give people under the stairs, praise others, etc.. By the situation. ninth: there are elders present, first, respect for elders, to the elders to save face. For example, many people in the conversation situations, what advice, ask the elders. Elders to give with high hat. tenth: watch your tone of voice and tone, and be at peace. The tone is very important, the tone should be flat and, as can be amiable and easy of approach. Eleven: talk to look at the situation, see the face. 1/1talk about how to cultivate children’s   happy mood in game activities [Abstract]: in the comprehensive promotion of new curriculum reform, attach importance to human comprehensive development today, the parents, the teacher still has too http://www.jeremyscottwingss2013.com/ much attention to the knowledge on children’s learning skills, and ignore the non-intellectual factors in the growth of life — emotional culture. Good mood is the premise, the friendly exchanges between the children’s intellectual development is the guarantee of healthy personality, mood on children’s formation, plays a crucial role in the growth of life. I through the creation of mood in daily teaching angle, quietly house to understand children’s psychological and emotional; through the creation of scenarios, game activities, forms of storytelling to guide children to regulate emotions, to form a positive, optimistic and cheerful mood; game for children is the most favorite activities, the game they played the most natural, most lively, most likely to be happy emotion experience. Although the game is like a child, but the game types, methods, is very complex, which requires teachers to guide children to learn to play the game. How to let the children learn to play the game? To achieve happiness education effect? Three aspects of our game from the teaching games, outdoor games, the corner is expounded, and the creation of a free, equal, harmonious game environment for children, children in the game, active thinking, imagination, experience to the ” ” the joy of success. The game also activities, very much in line with the child’s psychological, so that children can produce happiness, which could meet the mind and body. [keyword]: game; culture; happy emotion; emotion is a kind of complex psychological activity, every child’s emotions are so rich and colorful. Each of the children because of personality, environment, education, emotions are also different. Therefore, in daily life, we should create conditions for children and their inner feelings expression is true, only to understand each child’s mood, can help children to open the “knot”, keep cheerful, positive emotions. pointed out the new program: the kindergarten should provide health, rich life and activity environment for children, to meet the needs of many aspects of their development, so they have a happy and meaningful childhood. In kindergarten, we give children should be more happy, because the power of happy children have self-confidence and learning; have a happy children will have the desire to create. While the game is the nature of children, children have no external constraints in the game, can relax, active, fully express themselves, realize personal desires, they through the manipulation of materials, goods, control environment, realize their own strength and confidence, be a pleasant experience from success. Educator Chen Heqin once said: “children need good partners to do his friends, and they communicate with friendship, eliminate the lonely, lively and adult, this is replaced by.” Now most families have only one child, while some people play game is not up, must cooperate with peers, to. Kindergarten should fully guarantee the children’s play time, let the children learned many experience with partners in the game, become a real game masters, feel the full >