A Quick Response or QR code is a two-dimensional matrix containing a large number of alphanumeric digits and can be used to transfer information straight to any Android, camera smartphone phone or iPhone device. The technology was produced in 1994 in Japan but the U. S and Europe may be slow to take this on. However just recently this type of information sharing has already been pushed forward by most of the big brands such because Google, power/ telephone companies and even pizza chains. With the increased using Smartphones customers using QR reader app for example i-nigma, can now connect immediately aimed at your website, text or phone number.

As a salon or spa owner, how can QR codes help your company?

There are countless ways you might want to use QR codes in your business. You may want to include one to your business card so that an user can include your contact details straight to their contact list on their phone. Perhaps you could have one on your salon window which would allow people walking by to see pages on your website for example prices, services or offers. What about having all of them printed on staff t-shirts or on the side of retail products that could link to an URL in which the user can enter their e-mail details to receive a discount coupon.

How do you produce a code?

Creating your own codes is becoming easier with many useful tools available such as Google’s QR code generator or Kaywa QR code generator. For more advanced options it would be advisable to contact a specialist who could integrate QR codes into your marketing strategy.

Can Google see QR rules?

At some point soon the various search engines will probably see them and index this content within the code appropriately. Until then if you will add QR codes aimed at your website, perhaps next to images of products, the search engines will see that your pages have changed, and that you are updating pages which assists in website ranking.

Getting your customers to make use of them?

Today, there will be several clients who will appreciate your technical knowledge and even tell their friends. For those clients who don’t know about QR codes and also the potential they hold, it’s up to you to educate them. In my experience clients love that their salon are doing something different and this alone could be a topic of conversation with their friends.

Notice the attention your business receives by being the first salon or spa in your town to get ahead with QR codes and use them in your marketing strategy.

Here are some other ideas on ways to use your code;

Product details- Shelf talkers on product stands will give the client all the actual relevant information and let them know what other products work nicely together.
Contact details- Your contact number, address, email or a map of finding you.
Offer details- Your latest salon offers or promotions
Event details- Details of any special client event to want to promote.
Competition details- Set up a competition for exactly where customers can win salon lead prizes
Discount coupon – The code containing a discount coupon when the customer gives you their own e-mail or phone particulars.
Twitter, Facebook, MySpace IDs- Add code with a share button above it that can be linked to send fans for your gallery or website.
A link to your YouTube video- A brief video of your beauty salon and services or your staff profiles.

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