Los Angeles interior designers know and understand that a great space can have a tremendously positive effect on an individual’s mental and emotional health. Whether the space is residential or commercial, the surroundings of a room will affect a person’s mood, well-being, and productivity. The next time you feel like creating that tranquil bathroom you’ve always dreamed of, or renovating your office so that it provides a more cheerful atmosphere, Los Angeles interior design professionals agree you should consider the following elements when planning a space.

Though every individual has a unique emotional reaction to color, there are many psychological and physiological effects that many experience similarly. Warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow tend to bring about energy in people. These warmer and bright colors would be great in an office remodel or in a kitchen, though you must be sure not to get carried away and should balance with enough white or neutral colors. Cooler, subdued colors such as light blues and grays are calming, and work well in bedrooms and bathrooms to produce a relaxing, restful effect. Neutrals such as cream, brown, gray, and white produce a feeling of practicality and stability, working well as a compliment to brighter color schemes. A Los Angeles interior designer will help you choose the right color schemes to produce your desired ambiance while ensuring it is suitable for the room’s function and light sources.

The function and effects of lighting on occupants’ mood are also important to consider in any project of interior design. Los Angeles residents should consider what role a lighting fixture will play in the overall purpose of the room. Workspaces or art studios might benefit more from the functionality of direct, bright light, whereas a living room would be nice with a soft, ambient light to relax tension. Up lights and ceiling fixtures such as chandeliers are great for adding a dramatic tone, while spotlights and table lamps may help with work efficiency. If saving money or energy conservation is important on your list, a Los Angeles interior design specialist will help you sort through your options. By choosing LED lighting and CFL bulbs, you can feel better about conservation as they use 75 percent less energy than conventional bulbs.

Adding certain scents and sounds to your environment will also help you create that ideal mood that you seek in your living space. Aromatherapy gives us an overview of how different scents may affect us. Floral scents and oranges tend to reduce anxiety, while peppermint, jasmine, and lemon have an energizing quality. Adding a small fountain with the sound of trickling water will help create a more relaxing atmosphere. Each of the senses should be taken into account by a great interior designer. Los Angeles locals deserve to de-stress properly in an environment that enhances their life and positive mood.

Proper arrangement of furniture and items in any space is also crucial in creating the right mood for any space. Although it is common sense that clutter might increase anxiety or stress, some may not realize how placing a sofa with its back against a large opening might cause them to feel vulnerable, as though a person might sneak up from behind. In fact, an ancient Chinese philosophy called Feng Shui examines how your surroundings and the placement of objects in an environment affect an individual’s health, success, and relationships. According to the philosophy there is a life force of energy called Chi flowing throughout all spaces. Feng Shui is the art of proper placement so that an environment is in harmony with chi’s flow. Los Angeles interior design specialists will help you create the ideal placement of furniture and accessories in your environment to positively enhance your mood, health, and maybe even wealth.

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