Cloud hosting has taken the information technology industry by storm, replacing traditional server technologies with a more powerful, faster and scalable system. By a process called virtualization, server components are linked together and operate as a single dedicated server.

This means that when using cloud technology such as cloud hosting, data for your website is hosted over several servers. This ensures that even if one server crashes other servers kick in and keep the website running.

Cloud computing is essentially a general term for several related technologies. The main concept of “the cloud” is distribution of processes and data over several servers. As these resources are combined, they result in superior service to the user. It is difficult to say exactly where the term cloud originated but I think it may have a more literal meaning than one might think. I like to think of it as the clouds in the sky. A few clouds scattered in the sky does not cause rain, but when they come together, they produce rain. Similarly a few servers working independently do not result in better services, but through virtualization we can combine the servers into one supercomputer yielding better computing results.

Cloud hosting services are given popular acronyms like ‘SaaS’ (Software as a Service) and ‘IaaS’ (Infrastructure as a Service).

 SaaS is software on demand. Essentially the server hosts the software you want to use, so it can be shared by many users thereby bringing down the cost of software. On the other hand IaaS refers to infrastructure such as hard disk space, memory and other hardware that can be shared.

 Cloud hosting is a great option for e-commerce sites. The disk space and bandwidth of a cloud host is flexible. When there is heavy traffic or you suddenly need to increase data size, the cloud will adjust itself accordingly. As a result you only have to pay for what you use.

There are many different cloud hosting services available. Google Docs is a form of cloud. Godaddy, Amazon, HostingRaja are all good cloud hosting companies. The best cloud hosting service in India is HostingRaja. They have a 24/7 customer support service in multiple languages. I have reviewed their services and I can confidently say they are the best in cloud hosting.

 The most reflective parts of cloud hosting have been emphasized in the previous few articles. The equally important part is to know the pricing details, criterion, yardsticks and cost-efficacy. With a view to entice the target market, a subscriber must lay great emphasis over the market his firm operates in. In accordance with it, a subscriber can ponder over the prices of cloud hosting plans and juggle with the plans. To avoid online disparity led by the capricious market the firms like are actively upgrading their services. Adhering to every lucrative factor the online trader is vulnerable to, hosting raja has culminated the plans suitable to the firms of all sizes and types.

Constituents of cloud hosting price across the globe include RAM, hard disk, bandwidth and processor. Before entering the intellectual online competition the cloud hosting providers must posit all these constituents in a best possible way. The RAM transits first followed by hard disk, bandwidth and processor. Before embarking on a quest for the best cloud price, a roundabout leap into the page will surely guide the subscriber for the smoothest culmination. A peep into the will surely pay off. Apart from that a dexterous option for the viewers is the smart cloud option offered by hosting raja.


Service providers like hosting raja have devised load testing and performance report analysis. The load testing takes both qualitative and quantitative leap into the cloud hosting cost realm. This leap helps the subscribers to admire a viable difference between the old service provider and the new hosting raja. It further assures a highest speed consistency. Highest speed is the aggregate that makes cloud service vividly different than other availabilities. The services provided are based on highest quality architecture that assures an exceptional credibility and online equality.


With the best service comes a virtual security for the websites. At hosting raja they offer a very high-octane contrivance of replicate nodes and disks to nullify the likelihood of online disasters. The disasters like malware and interim online issues are things that a subscriber wants to deflect. This contrivance safeguards websites from such disasters in turn assuring a primmest cloud pricing. Cloud hosting service are at a click and a couple of fingertips away. Moreover, the subscribers will have to furnish commonest details like FTP, C panel password, DB details and SSH details to shift to cloud services. Best cloud services have become a lot easier than ever before./


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