Most of the people while decorating their houses neglect their bathrooms. They never pay enough attention in decorating them. Bathroom is the only place where you spend most of the time in pampering yourselves and therefore you should pay more attention while decorating it. You can keep the bathroom decor simple, modern or classic. Decorating the bathroom does not require big pockets but some creative ideas can change the entire look and feel of the bathroom. For example by adding plants, flowers, candles, baskets, curtains, paintings etc you can do the instant makeover of the bathroom.

Choosing the right kind of Bathroom Tiles also plays a very important role in giving your bathroom space attractive and striking look. Bathroom Tiles form the fundamental building block in designing of the bathrooms. You can get variety of options for Tiles in Delhi. Tiles in Delhi are available in different shapes, sizes, texture, patterns and colours. With so many options available in the market it is important that before going out for buying Bathroom Tiles you should finalize on the overall look and feel of the bathroom. Bathroom tiles you choose have to be aesthetic, long-lasting, ease to clean, water-resistant and above all safe.

Tiles in Delhi are available in different materials like ceramic, porcelain, natural stone (marble/granite). Out of all these materials ceramic tiles are the most common ones.

We deal in all kinds of wall tiles, flooring tiles, tiles bathroom as well as ceramic tiles that gleam beauty into your abode. These tiles are available in all ranges and styles; one that exude nothing but luxury and others that are budget friendly but do not fail to add that spark or say beauty to your interiors. These tiles exhibit excellent quality, unparalleled craftsmanship, and a visual appeal that entices all. Even on the part of functionality and usability the collection that we have is sure to keep you extremely satisfied and pays you with your money’s worth.

Our team always keeps itself updated with the current market trends and catching interior definitions so that our customers are satisfied with the best that we can offer.

You can reach us by visiting our stores at different locations in Delhi and find that perfect ceramic tiles that will reflect your lifestyle shriek your personality and will definitely add a unique dimension to how tiles and fittings have been taken in the past.

Ceramic Tiles are popular because they are economical and durable. For conventional look people choose marble, stones or glass but they are very expensive and require skilled mason for laying these tiles. In between ceramics and marbles comes porcelain tile. Porcelain tiles are also gaining popularity as they give look and feel of a marble and are not that expensive also. Three types of porcelain tiles are available in the market-Chinese, Italian and Spanish.  Out of these Chinese porcelain tiles are cheapest whereas Italian porcelain times are most sought after.

Tiles in Delhi are imported from different countries like Italy, Germany, Morocco, Turkey, Bali, Spain, Portugal, USA, and Thailand apart from being manufactured in India. Tiles can help in changing the entire look of our bathrooms. They can make bathrooms more lighted and add a pleasing look. Before going out for Tiles Shopping it is important to understand our requirements and accordingly fix up a budget for it. You don’t change our tiles very often so it is very important to invest our money in choosing good quality tiles.

Antica Ceramica has its retail showroom in Raja Garden, West Delhi and is easily accessible by the Ring Road and the Metro Rail system.Antica Ceramica has a growing customer base in both Residential and Commercial sectors. We cater to Townships, Housing Societies, Offices and Commercial Spaces for their Tiles and Sanitaryware requirements.

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