Composite material  flap valve is usually due to shoot the door opening angle is small, the impact force, hydraulic losses caused great insecurity and other issues, new composite material flap valves with high strength-to-door body fiber, water-resistant resin and related nano additives, high-pressure forming process method through the BMC. Its light weight, high strength, corrosion resistant, long life, low maintenance, low operating cost, the advantages of simple fabrication and installation. When pumping at Pumping Station, take the door opening degree, head loss, can significantly improve system efficiency, reduce energy consumption; due to light weight, closed down pat force is small, but also has some flexibility, will not force the next shot action which led to shoot the door deformation, good sealing effect.        Composite-door vinyl ester resin materials used, reinforced high-strength materials using alkali fiber yarn, glass fiber cloth and 450g / ? short red carpet, in a dedicated mold layer by layer from repression. Specific gravity of 1.8g/cm3, size in the proportion of iron knock on the door, eliminating the hanging-door balancing device, annexed pontoon took advantage of the buoyancy of the door, opening angle, head loss and maintenance workload is small, suitable in the low lift pump station.        The field testing of new composite material flap valves shoot the door and shoot the door freely suspended iron compared to the same operating conditions, increased traffic 0.01m3 / s, head loss is reduced 0.533m, the input power is reduced 6kW, pump group unit efficiency by 2.81 percentage points, reducing energy consumption 0.17kW · h / kt · m. Open without oscillation phenomenon, Off No crash, no surface corrosion, greatly improving the knock on the door life.

Flapper check valve Cost-Effective Valve Superior Quality Backflow Prevention Supply Range is From DN300mm to DN3000mm Low Headloss and Maintenance Free

Flapper check valve Cost-Effective Valve Superior Quality Backflow Prevention Supply Range is From DN300mm to DN3000mm Low Headloss and Maintenance Free

Features and Benifits of flap valve

  • Customized Shape or Other Shape Available
  • Reliable backflow prevention
  • Smart design eliminates maintenance
  • Corrosion resistant, will not warp or freeze open or shut
  • No cracking pressure needed, low head loss, can be completely open to flood discharge
  • Environmentally-friendly



Flap check valve are a very traditional method of preventing back flow in pipelines, culverts and other applications to prevent flooding. The drain flap valve are manufactured using modern materials and the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure the very best products are achieved in the most efficient manner. Due to the unique lightweight properties of the HDPE that is used to manufacture the flap valve, they are very easy to install in comparison to cast iron Flap gate.


Nominal diameter: DN300mm to DN3000mm, other sizes available
Maximum working pressure: 5.0 meter water
Operating temperature: -20? – 60?
Opening angle >60°
Corrosion resistance  Yes
Applicable media  water, river water, seawater, living water, industrial sewage.