A man screams incessantly ticket directly from an altitude of several hundred meters free fall, even the damn main system GHD Straighteners NZ throw over the stadium? Screams one after another, a group of players fell down the crowded, there are some proficient players have done their best to fly, but unfortunately most people do not fly. In fact, a few hundred meters from the drop dead dragons, but the body is not the same ah freefall speed! Everyone fell to the ground after the first time must hapless fall a little faster, and certainly it would fall above the player’s live pads. Dragons was about to call a small fire, small arms soil surprise golden flash, made directly to Mo morphological changes, one-handed Lanzhu dragons hover in the air, looking at those players can not fly fell down. Dragons took the opportunity to look around, stay in the air of the players are mostly chest guild players, and many gathered in groups, there are some scattered players, but not many.

Dragons, small soil nodded, clutch dragons down slowly. In fact, the various elements of the wizard has the ability to fly, just remove the fastest wind was a little girl outside with wings small fire is the second fastest among everyone. The remaining elements of the wizard, scales small water and swim faster in the water, despite being little light variation Bailong hope elves, also has beautiful wings, but unfortunately she was not clever or simple personality not only a girl. Ling actually very dark, you can not flattering bird big cat owners never take this seriously dragons. Thus, in addition to small soil on the flight speed is not outstanding, setting aside a small fire aside, GHD Hair Straightener NZ it is not difficult to drive dragons. See the following players wah whine like a pyramid, like fall Siyangbacha, dragons gulped small soil, looking piece of open space falls GHD Straighteners NZ if stepped on the bad.

Find a small soil space obediently fall, standing beside dragons, golden eyes attention around the movement. Mom, how we will fall on the prairie? Small soil in front of his face looked puzzled endless prairie. Dragons certainly do not know how this is going, gradually, one after another around the GHD Straighteners NZ packed with players, we vociferous no order at all. Several players crowd around by others, dragons were packed rickety, but unfortunately it also lacks the qualities of several players to see the back side is an average height of slender girl, but each one equipped with a very gorgeous So Indecent homeopathic Tieshanglai. Large golden hand a few male players every live, again a pair of golden eyes stared fiercely on GHD Straighteners NZ, waves Ruoyouruowu coercion soil series comes out, as if transparent big hand, directly to those few male players abruptly pushed out more than one meter, the latter player is squeezed scream.

GHD Hair Straightener NZ – She looked at small soil

She looked at small soil. I do not know, Mom. Small soil face innocent to death, implied the cover your dragons. [4 arena participating players Please note, let’s start the first contest Indiana checkpoints, the 4th track 5074 people currently participating players, the participating groups 207, 963 single player. All do not move, everyone ears, afraid to miss the notification system. [First game project – fun run, and his assistant by the NPC small four Meiya commentary, Storm World Group, the fourth network channels broadcast live. Suddenly, the sky more than two shadows, I saw a plain looking but wore a green explosion head of the young man and a redheaded Shorty Lolita floating in the air, GHD Hair Straightener NZ lips are hung with a only sophisticated microphones. All the players looked stunned suddenly came out of the sky two NPC, GHD Hair Straightener NZ upper and lower body equipment glowing colorful light, to see that this is definitely a top-level equipment!

Twelve-winged angel? Ha myself ~ Hello everyone! I am a lovely Meiya, beside me was my partner small four, GHD Straighteners NZ is the world situation the staff of the Group, but also our fourth stadium announcer Oh! Way cool male hotties you have! We listen, we called this project interesting race, racing rules of the game of course, is it the beginning GHD Hair Straightener NZ is it only go forward, you need to turn the place will be signposted on the grass! I have to explain that a thousand people run the slowest system should be ruthlessly eliminated, even if the team registration competed GHD Hair Straightener NZ also not negotiable! Incidentally, kindly remind you that saying crowded trampled to death, although the grass is better to run, but one does not keep people still fall for it up again slightly ~! Game flight ban prohibiting the use of any kind of summon aid, but if you have the ability to catch a quick run dead riding his players and can smoothly move forward it is another matter and some family friends ~ angel flying mainly by ethnic can fly height allowed more than three meters!

Three went back to the starting point if you’re waiting to be kicked out of the stadium now! Small four grin on his face. Since the handsome little four said and done, please be prepared to be used only summon players per side followed by a helper, midway can be changed, but not allowed to be a second, of course, is by GHD Hair Straightener NZ allowed help ~ accelerate blood complement what is considered cheating physical Oh, but fell GHD Hair Straightener NZ GHD Hair Straightener NZ touches can help friends ~ Meiya smiles tenderly, good ~ I started the countdown myself! [Bite – Competition into ten seconds countdown. System’s voice sounded a timely manner. Small soil, you first back element space. Small soil with reluctance obediently back, raising his hand to summon dragons a small fire. [10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1! Almost the moment, more than five thousand players like die like the prairie bolted together some of the more unfortunate moment the player is standing on the ground, tragic cry resounded through the crowd’s eardrums.