Panerai show the new look of time and with accurate jumps and trademark design, has caused an intense reaction. New Panerai versions can be clearly read in the dark. The technical challenges, research and development of this watch is for most of the time are hidden under the dial Replica Panerai Watches, Siwss 7750 Replica Watches provide light energy. Panerai experts found a solution: to sapphire crystal dial with translucent but permeable uv coating. As the inversion of the sun glasses: the visible spectrum of light transmission, therefore can only see the outline of the jumps structure. Uv wavelength is 250 to 430 nanometers, so can not hindered to penetrate the coating, provide Superluminova Numbers can glow at night a few hours of energy.

Panerai have believed no contradiction between innovation and tradition. Now generation of Panerai engineers and machine designers often cooperate with universities and research institutes, for the study of the high demand of Panerai watch master the latest technology. A strict rule was born: every innovation must be truly useful.

Panerai the strange for it and charm “treasure box” has brought a peacock proud to show off. This arrogance, beautiful peacock jumped out seems to be the light of the middle ages, perched on it has an attractive watch, it represents the most exquisite enamel inlay art, sculpture, and the precious stone. Panerai new automatic mechanical movement, let the peacock can look like the living breathing. As if a covered with colorful wings of the phoenix, break through the bondage of box at any time to spread your wings and fly.

Isaacson metallurgical industry has a long history, and even can be traced back to medieval alchemy. In that era, one can believe that the mysterious philosopher’s stone cheap metals into gold. The most lucky accident, record is invented in dresden European porcelain, 300 years ago. Panerai didn’t find the mysterious philosopher’s stone, but developed than all existing alloy hard new alloy. In the chemical point of view, the new golden honey color is a kind of 18 k gold alloy, gold content is seventy-five percent. Honey color gold to have a world of rose gold and platinum between attractive color, because of the copper and zinc. Trace manganese compounds with special high temperature treatment, the alloy has special hardness.

Honey color gold the vickers hardness of 300 to 320 HV, than the vickers hardness between 135 and 150 HV gold and rose gold twice as hard. Vickers hardness tests, pointed pyramid shape diamonds with accurate strength pressure to the surface of the test material, according to permanent indentation diagonal, in a special formula to calculate the material hardness. The benefits of new alloy is obvious: honey color gold in resistance to scratching test, beat all the other gold alloy.

The pursuit of better symbol Panerai for extreme precision. Watch the phases of the moon transmission accurately, only after one thousand years of time, and the deviation of actual cycle day. Take a closer look at the moon disc coating, will know Panerai fascinated how to detail: they hope will be the unique charm of the night sky look on the wrist. Experts just to join the team and help scientists research and development phases of the moon set, together to develop a new coating is closer to nature.

Traditional watchmaking phases of the moon disc coating technology, is not enough to satisfy the Panerai technicians make decorative details requirements for bright-coloured colour and clear outline. The new process should be a hard carbon film by physical vapor deposition (physicalvapour deposition PVD) method for gold the moon disk for processing. The moon disk surface roughness after adjustment precision, so can modulate the ideal color, and high wear. Interference effect to onlookers eyes like a clear sky blue awning, the stars are in the excimer laser cutting to make complex semiconductor circuit. The ultra-precision technology will not in any edge down the trace of burned, so perfect smooth on the edge of the stars sparkle, particularly bright.