1. The cement ball mill faces on the two bearing foundations are in the same level with the center to center spacing tolerance 1mm, the longitudinal center line nonparallel misalignment 0.5mm, and the lateral center line deviation 0.5mm per meter.
2. The joining angle of the tilting fillet spherical contact surface should be well-distributed which should be more than 1-2 point within per 50 to 50mm. The contact surface of hollow shaft and tile should be 90-100 degrees with no less than two points per square inch. The intervals between two sides of the shaft neck and the bearing are similar.
3. The fitting surface of the barrel flang and the front end cap should keep in good touch, and the shimming is not allowed. The misalignment tolerance of the two hollow shafts is less than 0.8mm. When in link & pack & adjustment of the gear ring and the barrel end cap, the anti-thrust should be strengthened, the locating pin be bolted, the radial wobble of the gear ring be no more than 0.5mm , and the axial wobble be no more than 0.84mm.
4. Install the end cap first when doing the lining plate installation. The assemble of the barrel lining plate starts from the entrance, the screws should be tightened equally to avoid the water leakage under the installation requirements. There shouldn’t be crevice on the matching rubber lining plate. if there is crevice, block it firmly with sponge.
5. The central line of the pinion should parallel that of the big gear with the deviation no more than 0.2mm per meter. The tip clearance is of 1/4 module, and the gear backlash is 1.06-1.8mm. The tooth contact area is no less than 50% of the tooth length, and 40% of the tooth height.
6. The high coaxiality should be kept among speed reducer, electric motor, and drive coupler of the transmission shaft. The misalignment of the center line should be no more than 0.3mm and the gradient of it should be less than 1/1000.
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