There are a few similarities between ice cream and yogurt in that both use milk as an ingredient. However, many ice creams call for cream. Fat-free frozen yogurt does not use cream. Their many ingredients use milk instead of heavy cream. By using milk instead of cream, frozen yogurt cuts down on the amount of calories each product has. This makes fat-free frozen yogurt and even sugar-free yogurt a little bit healthier than regular ice cream.

Break out a pint of fat-free frozen yogurt or sugar-free frozen yogurt

Did you know as of the 1990s, 10 percent of the dessert market is frozen yogurt?  Because frozen yogurt uses milk, it’s seen as a healthier alternative to ice cream. Frozen yogurt and fat-free frozen yogurt is mostly made up of milk solids and live yogurt cultures. Unlike ice cream, which can contain large amounts of sugar, frozen yogurt (such as fat-free frozen yogurt) can use honey or guava nectar as a sweetener.

This may be good news for diabetics, whose bodies may be able to process natural sweeteners easier than sugar. Sugar-free frozen yogurt and fat-free frozen yogurt contains more minerals than ice cream. This is why even sugar-free frozen yogurt contains nutrients that regular, or premium, ice cream lovers do not receive.

The other added benefit of fro yo, as it is sometimes nicknamed, is there is almost as many frozen yogurt flavors as ice cream. Sugar-free frozen yogurt eaters also have a wide array of frozen yogurt flavors to choose from. If possible, choose frozen yogurt flavors that use natural ingredients. This way there is not any frozen yogurt flavors that the body has trouble digesting and a person cannot eat. In addition to having many frozen yogurt flavors, there is also a variety of toppings sugar-free frozen yogurt eaters or fat-free frozen yogurt eaters may cling to. Is there any “healthy” sugar-free yogurt flavor or toppings a customer should watch out before consuming? Yes; watch out for the granola. Though many may deem granola as a good topping for any frozen yogurt flavoring, granola can contain a very high sugar content. This is why it may not be the best-frozen yogurt flavored topping for diabetics.

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