At whatever point we consider child’s gatherings we envision a fun filled day where the youngsters are having sufficient energy of their lives. In any case separated from amusements, there is one additionally thing kids become obsessed with and that is the supernatural traps played by Magician. Kids love to see mystical traps and it truly gets them supposing if enchanting truly exists and transports them into a mysterious planet where anything can happen.

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Every time we think of kid’s parties we imagine a fun crammed day where the children are having the time of their lives. But apart from games, there is one more thing children go crazy that is the magical tricks played by Magician.
So, if it is your child’s birthday approaching and you are planning birthday party for them then you should certainly surprise him by calling Magician to add a that touch of real magic to their birthday party. A party beautified with Magician is perhaps the best gift you can ever think of giving your child. A  Magician will add some real fun and excitement to your birthday party and you will see those happy smiles on the children faces.

Once you have hired a Magician, you can sit back and enjoy a ‘stress free’ party and let the Magician do all the entertaining.  Magician is a professional entertainer and will have the kids laughing in no time creating a fun filled environment at the birthday party that everyone will enjoy.

Magician is there to be the center of attention for the children and will be performing lots of high energy tricks that will have the children laughing their heads off and the parents will have big smiles knowing that they are having the best party ever.  party Magician uses every possible trick and method to make children smile. They certainly know exactly how to keep them entertained. The popular tricks include magical illusions that create comedy as well as surprise. They also carry props like a real live Rabbit, balloons, party bags, free party invites and lots of free give-always and use this entire thing to create a great magic show Seattle.

The magician performer begins his part the minute he lands to kick the gathering off. He will communicate with the visitors and recollects their kids’ names which he make utilization of while playing traps with them. All performers have their own style of exciting. Kids love an uproarious intelligent show where they might be the star of the gathering and have all their companions helping them to verify everybody has the best time. Yes even perhaps making the birthday youngster vanish is something that a child’s gathering mystical performer can do.
The best part about such parties is that the entire audience gets entertained and no one feels left out. Of course, the birthday child is always the star of the show and the whole party is to make them feel special. All the other parents will be thanking you for such a great party and saying what a good idea it was and asking how you came up with the idea of hiring a birthday party magician. No matter if you are throwing a big or a small party, a magician is going to create happy memories which will be remembered for years to come.

Summary Magician at a child’s party can ensure that you have a fun fill stress free party that will be filled with laughter and happy memories that the children and adults will remember for years to come. A birthday party is more fun, special and more entertaining when the children are kept engaged watching a magic show.

Steffan Soule is a professional magician concerned with the environment, water conservation, bullying in the schools, and sustainability. He has found a way to transfer understanding about these issues to others through his performances and the art of magic


Seattle Magician Steffan Soule is a professional magician who is vitally concerned about the environment, water conservation, bullying in the schools (including via cyberspace), along with many other critical issues that confront us.

Along with talents for entertainment, Steffan carefully crafts performances to address such issues. Each piece of magic illustrates an important point or serves as an allegory for his message.

Recently, Steffan was commissioned by the Golden Rule Project and the Utah Arts Council to address bullying and the application of the Golden Rule as part of the solution to the growing problem of bullying and violence in schools nationwide

“Attention, Magic and the Golden Rule,” was thus created as a performance targeted at the junior high and high school level. Steffan debuted this new work for three schools and for the Crime Prevention Conference in January and February, 2013. The pilot program allowed the Golden Rule Project the opportunity to fine tune this important message and to gauge the students’ reactions to the various components of this new magic show.

The three junior high schools in Salt Lake City consisted of Granite Park Jr. High, West Lake Jr. High, and Eisenhower Jr. High. Their reactions were better than expected. Each school had about 1000 students in attendance, and the students paid attention to the magic and the message during the entire 50 minute presentation. The students cheered at the astonishing magic effects, but then they became silent when Steffan’s message took the focus. They really listened which is rare for this age group. As any performing artist knows, when a performer can hold the attention of junior and high school kids, they have arrived. In general, no audience is more challenging for a performer of any discipline.


In addition, Three Gun Rose Production, a film production company was contracted to document the entire process from conception, execution and refinement, to audience feedback and response. This film will be used to promote the Golden Rule Project and the performance for subsequent schools.

For Utah schools, a link to the Utah Arts Council will be provided to assist the grant application process, and for other States, suggested counterparts.

Steffan has created numerous magic shows with important messages like “bullying,” “teamwork,” and even “water conservation.

” Every show follows one simple formula. The magic effect visually demonstrates the principle that is being explained. For example, Steffan says “During the Golden Rule Show I cause a student to balance horizontally in mid air, as if suspended, while explaining, we have to find a balance point between the opposing forces that lead to violence.” In this same show, about the Golden Rule, Steffan causes a black and a white streamer to transform into a golden flag with over 1000 formulations of the Golden Rule printed on the flag. Soule explains that, “The Golden Rule is not black and white. One has to practice it and learn how to apply it to many situations. To help, we have discovered over 1000 ways this rule has been formulated throughout religions, cultures and philosophies worldwide.”