A good meal is incomplete unless it is followed by an amazing dessert is a common belief accepted by food lovers all over the world. A good dessert gives a perfect ending to even an ordinary meal while a bad one can mar even the most sumptuousIndian food in edmonton. Indian desserts are known world over for their simplicity and taste. In fact a glance on them is enough to make your mouth water. Want to know some of the delicious desserts offered by Indian restaurant Edmonton? Read on to know what these Best Indian Food Edmonton have to offer in their dessert menu:


GulabJamun: GulabJamun is a sweet dish that is loved by people all over India. These brown colored balls are made of milk and are deep fried till golden brown. After this they are kept in hot sugar syrup and are best served when hot. In fact you should try at least two pieces at a time as one is surely not enough to satiate your taste buds.


Rasmalai: Rasmalai is also called the queen of all Indian desserts, just because of its rich and creamy taste. Even though they are simple homemade cheese patties that come soaked in a mixture of a sweet creamy sauce, you would surely love them. The regular customers swear by the mild flavors of kesar and cardamom in this exotic dessert.


Carrot Halwa: Made purely from grated carrot, this is one dish that can give a competition to each and every dessert in the world with equal ease. Grated carrot is delicately cooked with milk cream and khoya and then given a liberal dash of several kinds of nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachios and raisins. There is also a mild flavor of cardamom which brings in the aroma that no one can resist.


Kulfi: Simple stating, a kulfi is the Indian answer to ice cream. Milk is boiled to an extent that it gets condensed and then ice cream is prepared from it. You would surely love the flavors of pistachio and kesar. The best part of having a kulfi is that it is extremely healthy as it is free of all artificial flavors.


Date Pancake: This dessert is the first choice of all date and wonton lovers coming to have Indian Buffet Edmonton. It is a simple dessert made of minced dates wrapped in wontons which are laced with a liberal amount of honey and served chilled with ice cream. This dessert is liked by one and all especially the children who love ice cream more than anything else.

Dal makhani is one of the most figure licking items amongst all Indian food recipes; it is a must menu item that has come a long way. The roots to this dish are based in North India but today it has become a one of the most discoverable dish on Indian sub continental menu. In every nook of this world you will not find a single restaurant that is catering Indian food is not having Dal Makhani in its menu items and if by chance there exists such restaurant than it is not catering the true Indian delight.
What makes this dish so popular whether it’s a highway restaurant or Indian restaurants in Edmonton? The real taste of this dish lies in its cereals and creamy topping. The cooking methodology may vary from person to person who is cooking it but this little India cuisine when cooked traditionally can make people lick their figures. The post cooking and serving it with complementary supplements can add an extra pinch of taste. The traditional way of cooking and serving is the best way of catering your dal makhani, the traditional way is simple first the dal is cooked in a typical north Indian style, after words i.e. during serving time it is poured in a bowel with fresh butter topping. During catering time the dal is accompanied by mint chutney, pickled red onions and papadums. In dal makhani the cereals and butter share a heart and soul relationship where one complements the other and are in-complement without one another

Over the years,top indian restaurants edmonton have perfected the art of preparing mouth-watering desserts. A large number of customers visit Indian restaurant Edmonton just for the sake of these desserts. No matter whether you have a sweet tooth or not, you would surely love these Indian desserts which are prepared by exotic ingredients and lots of love by world class chefs.