No-chip manicures are best for weak, damaged, brittle nails.  In our salon, we use Calgel, Bellissima Gel and ARTGENiC for no-chip manicure. Our products are safe, hypoallergic, and they provide protection for flimsy, peeling nails and can help repair natural nails after prolonged acrylic usage or other damage.  No-chip manicures can be employed to provide additional strength to natural nails, or it can be used to sculpt and extend nails for special occasions.  The no-chip manicure can be soaked off easily and without causing additional damage to the nail bed.

Benefits of the No-Chip Manicure

Traditional manicures can be time-consuming and messy.  They may also cause damage to the natural nail through improper product use or excessive buffing.  The no-chip manicure offers benefits beyond beauty and durability, including:

  • Shorter application time.  A no-chip manicure takes less than an hour, including the full manicure service.
  • No-chip “gel in a jar” products have a thick consistency, providing additional strength to the natural nail.
  • UV curing reduces overall curing time.
  • Nail strengthening products may be added in the area of the cuticle in order to promote healthy nail growth while the nail is protected by the actual gel.
  • No-chip manicure products are hypoallergenic and do not damage natural nails.
  • Easy, gentle, fast removal with mild removal solutions that do not damage the nail bed.
  • More than 250 shades available.
  • Unlike acrylic nails, no drilling is needed to achieve beautiful results.
  • The no-chip manicure will not peel off, lift or become rubbery.
  • The metabolism of the nail bed is not affected, allowing natural nails to heal and become stronger.
  • The no-chip manicure will not smudge, peel or chip, keeping nails perfect for two weeks or more following the service.
  • No-chip manicures are waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Reasons to Use the No-Chip Manicure

  • Strengthens natural nails
  • Nails remain thinner than with acrylic overlays, providing a more natural appearance
  • Requires little buffing prior to application
  • Does not damage the natural nail or nail beds
  • Nearly odorless
  • Provides for respiration and metabolism of the natural nail
  • Breathable, organic material prevents fungus and bacteria growth beneath the nail
  • Beautiful, elegant finish in less time than other products
  • The latest innovation in beautiful nails comes in the form of gel nail polishes.  BGEL is one of the most popular bottled gel polishes available today.  It is specifically suited for use on healthy, strong nails and is available in a stunning array of 71 shades.  BGEL has a medical-grade, acid-free formula and is easily removed with a diluted acetone-based solvent that is enriched with vitamins and minerals, making it safer for nails.  Unlike some other products, BGEL does not damage natural nails.

    The BGEL Manicure

    There are several benefits associated with BGEL manicures, including:

    • BGEL polish requires no base coat and has the same consistency as a traditional lacquer along with a wide, flat brush to facilitate even, streak-free application.
    • A full manicure using BGEL polish takes only about half an hour, start to finish.
    • The curing time involved with BGEL is very brief, only 15-30 seconds, and can be accomplished under an LED.  If a UV light is used, the time for full curing is still less than a minute.  This allows for very brief exposure to these light sources for clients who are concerned about UV or other types of skin damage.
    • No tacky residue remains on the nail, removing the drying effect of having to wipe down the top coat with alcohol after the manicure is done.