Eliminating the need for a lot of college internship expenses. Well, Guo Tao, with the CASS leaders say Well, sponsorship can give it more to the point! Also, pay attention to these well-written plan where people with expertise in this area, or on building full of enthusiastic students, this GHD Straighteners NZ will bring past internships! Yang happy smile, is still the Buda side of the already angry Qiqiaoshengyan Wang Yang. Sample, and Yang Tian-Dou, GHD Straighteners NZ also inexperienced! Director of Women Zhang Xiaoshan also come runnin ‘, I heard Young world water and had not come, she said nothing, plop it into the water, which under the old Nguyen more nervous, brawny village life who have water, either How to not let the mayor, Director of Women and the female student accident. Old Nguyen fierce smoking, pacing back and forth in the Andi, Huang Juan is to rely on the big willow beside, eyes flashing with tears, but unfortunately she did not know water, or certainly go in, and shoved her mind while blank If Yang accident, her how to do?

Li Zhou Zhimin GHD Hair Straightener NZ natural and are also worried incessantly, as Yang worried for Xiaowan worry first came to a small village, GHD Straighteners NZ all thought this internship would be a boring waste, but GHD Straighteners NZ which has now tasted the sweet Kula, faint hearts had vowed to go back to school after re-establish goals, establish a life attitude, learn, good life. All this is understood by Yang let GHD Straighteners NZ, but if Yang was not able to go back and GHD Straighteners NZ together, the ranks of a sudden two less players, GHD Straighteners NZ the way home will become sad and tears. At this time, a villager suddenly screamed, everyone is looking to him hastily direction. Central pond, a familiar head to take out, then quickly paddled to the River Andi, he is Yang, behind him, a man lying on the back, it Xiaowan, Yang encircling bowl coma and swim is not very difficult, but he looked very anxious, obviously worried Xiaowan.

Huang Juan is also a sigh, a smile Ma Lei, Li is natural and the small North hold together. Nguyen let a few stout old man rushed down, Ying Yang heaven. Holy crap, so strong swirl, GHD Straighteners NZ can swim to the central pond. Wang Yang muttered said, he is also the president of the Student Union College to swimmer ah, often in the swimming pool in a go, but Yang and compared. He knew far. Xiao Tian, ?? GHD Straighteners NZ okay? Subject Yang ashore. Huang Juan one flew into his arms, while concerned about the inquiry, while direct help him wipe his face with the sleeve of cold water. Fast, still breathing! GHD Straighteners NZ Artificial respiration will do? Quick to give her artificial respiration! Yang is urgent voice shouted, he has touched the Xiaowan of those points. Still breathing, although some weakness. If the internship team out of life, he went back not a good explanation ah!

GHD Hair Straightener NZ – Old Nguyen Yipaidatui

Ah, the village head, Director of Women is still below! At this time, a village woman screamed. Young heaven, but Zhang Xiaoshan not yet come. She continues doing? Cursed heart, mother. This is not trouble you? She heard GHD Hair Straightener NZ go to save her, and she flew plop jump off! Old Nguyen Yipaidatui, sigh, today really chaotic land. Good to help her artificial respiration, old Nguyen, people come to her to find Laopan hanging water! Young urgent voice asked a few days, then they bang when the bang into the water, to find Zhang Xiaoshan. Shore villagers can not help but tense up, especially Huang Juan, give artificial respiration when Xiaowan is not very thoughtful, mind has been thinking about Yang. Just on the shore, when Yang has been observed before, pond water waves surging west, Zhang Xiaoshan should be in there, so GHD Hair Straightener NZ straight out toward the west. Sure enough, Zhang Xiaoshan over there, she seems to have felt the presence of Yang, so greet Yang swam over.

Hold tight, Yang can not want to break the heart can not help but cursed, this girl head was flooded? So holding, two people would have drowned, so he feet Yi Deng, they float to the surface of the water together. Look, the mayor and the Director of Women…… water spray splashes, revealing two familiar head, the villagers are burst of joy, Huang Juan GHD Straighteners NZ are also the hearts of a song, but soon GHD Hair Straightener NZ were shocked, because Zhang Xiaoshan Positive encircling Yang, his head buried deep in his arms, a very worried about losing him to look like. Originally Yang is scold Zhang Xiaoshan head was flooded, why in the water clinging to him, but she spoke first, her tearful shouted: Young days, you bastard, how can not find you, I thought you were dead too! Hi, I Yang is so easy to die, did not he! See the little girl in his arms crying, Yang suddenly gone curse mind, instead comforting smile Zhang Xiaoshan.

See Yang Tianhe Zhang Xiaoshan hold together, the villagers have Hanhao Bugeng Shi, Yang was the village chief, to lead the villagers to get rich, fruitful, can be described as young, but Zhang Xiaoshan is the Director of Women to the villagers who brought the Many scientific knowledge, especially parenting, maternal health, and deeply loved by the villagers, so that if the Yang GHD Hair Straightener NZ Tianhe Zhang Xiaoshan come together, it is absolutely ideal for a couple. Peep what! Old Nguyen loudly to stop the villagers, because GHD Hair Straightener NZ see Huang Juan disappointed eyes, old Yang Tien Nguyen on to learn a little more, you know GHD Hair Straightener NZ and Huang Juan’s feelings, but GHD Hair Straightener NZ for Zhang Xiaoshan also some unexpected moves, this woman Shashi Hou Yang like a baby? Ah, Xiaowan how not wake up! At this time, however, and the small North successively Li cried, half artificial respiration, but Xiaowan is still no response.