Low carbon mining machinery becomes new trend

Low carbon mining machinery becomes new trend

Low carbon economy leads to the development of the mining machinery industry

During “12th Five-Year” period, the State vigorously promote energy conservation and green development, low carbon economy has become a mainstream task of social development in China, building a resource saving and environment-friendly society and raise the level of ecological civilization and achieve sustainable development is the only way. Mining machinery industry as an important pillar of the national economy, low-carbon development path of green production and technological innovation is also crucial.

Along with the gradual deepening of economic globalization, businesses are trying to use the self-innovation to improve the company’s core value. The mining machinery industry is no exception, face fierce market competition environment; the crusher industry launched a fierce low-carbon-competing war. Under the guidance role of the national policy, green energy saving and environmental protection have become the main tone of the crusher industry development, strategic development of emerging industries, will drive the crusher industry in China into the trend of low-carbon development.

At present, China’s urbanization, infrastructure, industrialization process accelerated, it stimulated the market demand for mineral resources. And in the process of exploration and production, mineral resources and tailings, construction waste and other waste can not get the rational use, and a pile of waste will pollute the environment. As a professional crusher manufacturer, hongxing Industries has been excellent in technological innovation and product reform, commitment to research and development of efficient and environmentally friendly crusher equipment, not only speed up the effective recycling of resources, and promote the industrial development of the resources, also made a great contribution to the development of a low carbon economy.

The implementation of low-carbon economy in China is a major sustainable development strategy, but also effective way to prevent contamination and protect the environment. Low-carbon path of development of the mining machinery industry is inseparable from the public enterprises active participation, we should make efforts to establish a new development concept, speed up the development and utilization of renewable resources, develop low-carbon recycling economy, and strive to build our beautiful and harmonious society .

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