Ball mill types with perfect benefits provided

Ball Mill Motor
This series synchronous ball mill motor is applied to drive fan, water pump, motor-generator set and other universal machinery. Its rated voltage is 6000V or 10000V as the customer request. The rated frequency is 50HZ. The rated power factor is 0.9(leading). The ball mill motor is allowed to bestarted directly at full voltage. The rotor circuit should be series connected with a starting resistor with ten times resistance of field winding resistance during starting.
Working Principle
This series synchronous machinery are of horizontal. Their cooling mode can be open self-ventilation, duct or half-duct ventilation, or close self-circulating ventilation. T series motors can have one shaft end or two shaft end as well. They rotate in CCW direction as see from the ring collector. The rotating direction can be change, but the fan should be changed accordingly.
Features And Benefits
1. Reliability, safety.
2. 35% Energy Saved, low noise.
3. Easy maintenance and adjustment.
4. Excellent performance, long service life.
5. Power ranges: 300kw to 7500kw.
6. Voltage ranges: 6kv or 10kv.
Hongxing offer a wide assortment of ball mill blower that is used to move air in various industrial applications. Its heavy-duty construction and sophisticated design makes it durable and highly efficient. The ball mill blower is used in diverse industries specially cement, construction, processing and others. These can be customized as per the technical specifications provided by our clients.
Another type of milling machine is ball mill cyclone. For nearly thirty years, ball mill cyclone have proven reliable in a variety of applications. Ball mill Efficiency cyclones utilize centrifugal action to effectively separate particles from the gas stream. The voluted inlet directs particulate-laden gas into the main barrel, initiating cyclonic movement of gas through the unit. Dust particles are forced to the wall of the cyclone, cascading along the main cone and exiting through the dust trap discharge.
The ball mill cyclone machine is a compact, simple, and efficient machine to produce various type of oil based cream. The machine does the fat melting, premixing and grinding of the ingredient for chocolate cream or paste. With 400 kgs balls in the grinding section and completed with double jacket tank, Cyclone form high efficiency working capacity. Using 15.5kW electrical power per hour, after 3 hours grinding time with approximately 250 liter chocolate cream, the fineness can go as fine as 25 microns. The ingredients of the jaw crusher product can be filled through the upper side of the tank, for circulating and discharging the cream, a rotary vane pump is used with displacement of 69 liter per minute. The operator panel is located at the ball mill operators side so its easy to operate. During the process the machine is working in such a way that almost no supervision is necessary.