Emperor with cold mountain, to the b ? ten-day indifferent of life and death, “we are from the battlefield out of the abyss, and not to the limit in endless sea, our ZuDe is arising, he b ? ten-day and can not bring us wing of the future of the grand family.”

“You read or thinking about him?” Soft feather face which show to the s of the complex and # 232; The color and whispered a sigh, shook his head way: “a year ago, he left the endless sea, and then never been news. Ah, if it weren’t for forced by the situation, we won’t be so, don’t know will he still jealousy us?”

“I once vowed, as long as he would not die, it is my master.” Emperor look is a mountain, formal way: “can make our abandoned the zone from come out of the person, and not a god of death, the king’s blood in accordance with the will of the ancestors, he is our master. Although because forced by the situation, to let the race did not destroy us temporary attachment b ? ten-day, but I never will b ? ten-day as slavers, if b ? ten-day killed, I can be free from the hands, never inferno restraint.”

“Master really uncommon.” Feather soft smiled, agree with the point nod, “after a year, also don’t know exactly where he is now free and unfettered. Although we temporarily attached, but have not done inferno really rebelled against his things, hope he can forgive us.”

“Whether or not he forgive also forgive, he is our master, all we  can do is ask for his forgiveness in the future.” Emperor mountain is very stubborn, “we wait patiently, I believe that sooner or later one day, we will return to master embrace, the will of the ancestors so early to stay, will have profound. Our family, only follow master wing of the steps, just have the future, when we abandoned the inferno, make we abandoned land imprisoned for many years and now we return to god has continent, when remember that year teaching.”

Feather soft heard him speak about ancient precept, also heavy nod echo, “hope to master a day, can well to a day early into the state of tough enough, lead us back to ZuDe, retrieve the family of wing was belong to our things.”

“I believe that master can do, may soon, up to 10 years, I believe that host is sure to have and b ? ten-day the power of the world.” Emperor mountain very sure awhile, and ao however way: “give me 30 years time, I certainly can break through to the god of creation, then triple day is master don’t come, we also have to leave the power of the inferno…….”

Feather soft eyes a bright, and then have said: “y ? n MeiZu there?”

“They should also not game TianMo silly, should know the fathers who will have profound, perhaps they also like us, just marking time just.”

“I hope so.”


The LuoHaiYu, deathless island.

It used to belong to a family islands, and now dominated y ? n cold gas Styx, thousands of people die in ho reduces the migration of the island, will not die the island’s heaven and earth reiki through a kind of very debates of the way, turn into practice for them ho chi.

This is a very great project of the, need to use untold Numbers of resources, the night of the most famous “turn days thereafter array”, to use of the water of the river Styx reduces, the suggestion the water of the river Styx directly into the undead island,  it still needs many quarrels with his spirit soul, to the “turn days thereafter array” completely successful operation, and perhaps to use time in one hundred.

People have come to begin to prepare for the Styx…….

But in a key ZhenFa today of the changing point, three hades reduces gathered here, together with big mana, ready for the next day, the first change.

The evening glow by Pluto gas to covering, could not penetrate into the undead island, in the central island, the big three hades triangular Jordan, while Mr Ho has in gas.

However, the next day, the first change to begin to, the big three hades and aware of the heaven and earth energy appears to be had had a subtle change.

Thereafter the exploration of the people who are good at the soul, the big three hades ignore one eye, qi qi stop, start to follow that day the subtle changes, to feel unusually place.

A little while, the big three hades and become s & # 232; , have stood up.

“Different changed from LuoHaiYu walls, in three ShenJiao, the direction of the island, the surge of gas! B ? ten-day and red yan two people, and the strong necessarily in hand, the ji ? o world, may be the very fierce to change the endless sea situation!”

“Speed is desirable, must to the fastest speed in the past, if late, we could also difficult to in endless sea based on!”


Three big hades consciousness ji ? o shed a, to a bunch of time almost at the same time, such as three word generally rosy clouds, very quickly, the island ShenJiao toward three direction away.

At the same time.

& nb

Sp; Sky waters of the Yang wing, the summer day light also detected a syndrome of heaven and earth variation, uniting in succession from land to leave.

In the sea, silver fai received black Jiao race’s a elders cited, also from silver shark race set out, on the day of the journey to the island.

Th of the island moved, let the endless sea and the bottom of the sea sea superior cheap christian louboutin shoes all moved on in the island of war of the drama, the countless in great Numbers, the endless sea were lit a fire inflammation.

A history of the war to blockbuster, still in full swing, ji ? o war but endless sea of real top the strong.

B ? ten-day, red yan, nu l & # 224; Ng, king dead, three ShenJiao moon and two god, endless sea new jin et the strong.

Many endless sea of j ? ng sharp gathered here.

Not only with this.

Countless endless sea, the sea of the strong, are aware of the heaven and earth and different changed, in succession from each area to, or with old transfer array, or with their secret method “, the largest went the ability to quickly get to the to ji ? o zen center.

A lot of people realize that this war, I’m afraid I will let the deadlocked for many years of endless sea situation earth-shaking changes.

Perhaps, after this war, the pattern of the endless sea will finally determined.

The island.