Stay to countless guanghua obscure, and all the people heard a hope, found that CaoQiu way again hidden up, and that a call by a wave of ten-day to the bones of FaShen, is s & # 232; The color is rich, such as ink daub, appear extremely tricky.


Wave ten-day r & # 242; U body a quiver, back by such as critical hits, in vain repeatedly rolled and the gas crazy poured out.

CaoQiu word appears again, in the direction of the ten-day wave hit on, he and a shots, a blow is ten-day wave turned their hearts.

Anger l & # 224; Ng certain time, hey hey grinning, hand move out of the trident, ruthlessly impact in the clock, will that the clock into a bunch of black light played, don’t know where the to fall.

CaoQiu way disappear again.

Wave ten-day face s & # 232; Y ? n heavy, eyes of evil y ? n sen burnish more and more obvious, seems to move really angry.

However, before he moves, he suddenly can’t help out one mouthful blood, facial expression appeared for the first time to panic.

He didn’t look to anger l & # 224; Ng, didn’t go to see the corpse king, but look complex to see endless vanity, out to the heaven of the deep gas surge of rolling.

In the gas central, a share of the power of the extremely  strong explosion out, see a root of glittering and translucent and bones, from the magic of gas shock sh & # 232; To spread.

“YangQing emperor!”

Wave ten-day LiXiao, facial expression crazy.

Et, TangYuanNa, OuYangLuo frost of people, quickly stay leng up, a confused look toward.

The gas central, vanity tear abruptly come, in the space within the current, a slightly fuzzy majesty of the figure, bare hands, will be a dead faint revealed FaShen bones to strike into pieces.

This is a wave from the fourth demon summoned ten-day over another dead FaShen bones.

Unfortunately, not yet pass into the sea from the endless, and in the space within the aperture by v, was suddenly moves, with the aid of vanity lu & # 224; N flow within the lu & # 224 mix; N power, a dead will FaShen crushing bones that.

Shock sh & # 232 before; Out of the white bone, is that a dead bones FaShen wreckage.

Space current central, imposing fuzzy form hey hey laugh wildly, “wave ten-day, you another dead bones FaShen, has been I imprisoned in space, no foreign by your call.” So say, that figure with pull, abruptly vanity aperture will crack, pledge to get out.

YangGuZhi Lord, YangQing emperor!

The famous endless sea years of top the strong, within the demon chastened, now suddenly MaoTou, a dead will wave two more bones FaShen ten-day uniform.

As if a tacit understanding, in YangQing emperor from vanity in aperture the moment of the drill out, CaoQiu way out again.

“XiuXiu whew!”

Amethyst sword materialized forth, shock sh & # 232; Numberless purple # 232; Sunlight, such as light curtains, will wave ten-day over the whole body.

Anger l & # 224; Ng, corpse at king ignore have also moves, hard to attack wave ten-day.

From the it gap is now out of the space YangQing emperor, without hesitation, directly add to the war.

YangQing emperor badge, not GuBo ten-day concentration of the layers of magic wall out defense, a devastating rampage, crushing numerous defense magic wall all the way to the ten-day ontology wave front, rear its head is one punch.

A stream of containing the crushing of the strength of the boxing creatures consciousness, heavy bossy and blockade space gap, to wave at the ten-day head.

Wave ten-day were hit with a double whammy, just y & # 249; Make moves, sudden sleep) behind such as ZhenMang, has a first step into the body.

Pain, wave body strength hard all ten-day would come out, can only clings to make moves, head ZhanLiang dragon horn, a wave in a fierce fiercely gas l & # 224; Ng, and the emperor YangQing punch on the face.


ShanBengDeLie sort, the vibration ring from the walls LuoHaiYu, all the eardrum living a faint.

Wave of r & ten-day tough # 242; U body, in this one punch under, crack out of a series of blood r & # 242; U gap, the body such as the broken glass, become very fishy.

CaoQiu way, anger l & # 224; Ng, a certain time king, an poured on the strength of their respective will top notes in the whole body, have toward wave ten-day heavy bombardment.

Wave of r & # 242 ten-day; U body, in this “beyond the load with the bombardment, bloodied, open countless wounds, in body, bone began to smash up.

Above is wrinkly to knit the brows, suddenly whispered a sigh, “wave ten-day out.”

TangYuanNa dignified nod, “CaoQiu way, anger l & # 224; ng, two corpse king, have the power of the world and he, three sides together, he has is the loser of the situation, and will be YangQing emperor to midway aggravating is hard to survive.”

Two people talk of kung fu, wave ten-day r & # 242; U body splash sh & # 232; christian louboutin men The bitter fleabane bitter fleabane blood rain, backhe barking, the body in all kinds of ji ? o woven energy under, inch apart.

Even if the people r & # 242; U body tough, and in so many violent force under attack, too overwhelmed.

Wave ten-day r & # 242; U body was completely destroyed!

A black s & # 232; LengXing crystal light, in the wave of ten-day r & # 242; U and his body was that a cut, suddenly in vanity contraction for a bit, suddenly sh & # 232; Into the vanity aperture, turned around and see.

“The soul of danger!”

TangYuanNa couldn’t help out a cry.

Above is also a face amazing.