Crusher is commonly used crushing equipment in mining industry, for example: reversible crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and so on. There are lots of factors may counts in the operation of crusher. Henan Hongxing heavy industry will help you analyze the main factors.

Rodent angle is the angle between two parts, the smaller the rodent is, the bigger broken the ore mouth will be. It is easy pass the stone when the percentage of broken stone is small, the production capacity will be improved. The longer the parallel line is, the longer the crushing width is, and the production capacity is larger. The bigger hardness the mineral is, the more difficult to break. Main factors that influence operation of crusher, basically, length of rodent and parallel angle, hardness, brittleness, density, humidity, cleavage of the stone. When the production capacity is low, the mineral brittle is easy to be broken and production capacity can be improved. When the density is high, weight calculation of the production capacity is higher.ball mills:
ball mill:

Understanding factors that will influence operation of crusher, can increase the efficiency of crusher and reinforce comprehensive benefits. Henan Hongxing heavy industry launch a series of equipments such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, etc. The equipments have high quality and stable performance, they can meet the needs of different industries with their science and technology innovation.