Entrepreneur-Stories brings to its readers an an interview with Don Sagolla, who is the co-creator of Twitter, plus the CEO of Dollar apps, we talked about how the idea of Twitter all initiated also as how it became reality. Don Sagolla who is also the author of the book 140 Characters, shared with us his life story, and how he moved from a lay off from Odeo in 2006 to becoming co-creator of Twitter. He also shared with us what Twitter is all about.
In this exclusive interview, Sagolla who was laid off from Odeo a podcasting firm back in 2006 resulting from business cuts, talks about how he was inspired by the ideas of his friend Jack Dorsey of “telling someone what you are doing without even thinking about it”, to come up with the concept of Twitter, as he attempted to see the system from the perspective of an user rather than an engineer that he is.
Twitter which these days is ranked amongst some of the nearly all profitable internet and social businesses is a web-site which allows it customers to share their thoughts and ideas also as updates using 14o character short messages. And Don Sagolla was at the fore front of it all, and nowadays it is revolutionizing the way individuals share their ideas and thoughts.
Talking more about Twitter, he revealed that he always attempted everything, and wanted “something that would ignite the imagination of an audience”. That is how he came about the essence of Twitter (140 words of hypertext) which he learned from hypertext, that they’re not simply words, but are “words with action”. About generating apps, he revealed that he created the app for the iPhone called “Big Words”, which makes it probable for one to type words on the iPhone, and it shows up in Big Letters on the screen.
Advising business owners who’re aiming to start up an app firm , Don Sagolla shared with us he called “…my life long lesson”, and his excellent for a wonderful begin up for an app company with these words “.. Simpleness is key! You must find the worth of producing some thing that ships for only one dollar”. He continued further to reveal that “…to make this work you have to start from scratch with one idea and finding a way to produce it in one month with maybe one other person…..In the beginning, you involve very few individuals to keep your overheads very low, that way you limit the potential risks and the returns could be immediate simply because any recognition you get on the iTunes essentially leads to sales and an immediate return on investment”.
Moving forward, and revealing what I will call “the accomplishment plan for each and every app company” he explained that “Once you’ve recouped your initial investment and return from the 1st app, you take all the money from the 1st app and put it in his brand new app that will have more functionality and a trifle more design and time put into the project”.
And on all these notes, he added that the key is to simply repeat this same formula over and over again, and in no time, you’ll would have developed an incredible deal of apps, and build up a productive app company.
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