Emperor mountain, feather soft doubt very, to look at the sky hast moved, don’t know what really happened, just let such a character of the hottest albitite.

Terran the inferno encirclement and suppression of the strong are continuing, and the emperor into the sea with endless inferno masters, one very distressed at this time, falling one.

Wing in emperor mountain, feather family of soft stern told, no ch ? hand this battle, joy, cool detachment attention.

Don’t know how long.

In the photo above the island, a figure to be slowly youth, behind him, suspended the battle demons, anger l & # 224; Ng, does the strong.

Green destiny, Oriental piece, GuXiao, WuQin these endless heads of the sea, a see this youth come over, each face s & # 232; Change, subconscious dodge to open, and the young man from far away, afraid that youth find their trouble.

Among them days after the shan shan GanXiao Vatican incense cloud, the gentle voice explain a way: “that, according to the command of you, we have no family to wing hands… & # 183;……”

Incense cloud a pair of Vatican reverential awe appearance, afraid that youth like angry.

The rest of the green destiny and the others, but also appears on the anxious seat, in green seeks to believe we will have idea, all look alert, great heart g.

Youth in vanity overlooking the lower part, said with a laugh, wei2 nod, no more said.

Days later secretly breathed a sigh of relief, this just toward green destiny, make eye s & # 232; For they can continue.

Green destiny, Oriental home, GuXiao, WuQin quickly continue to command, let his men then came for, make sure you will be the one to give you, and a stern warning them, shall not touch any a family of wing people!

Emperor mountain, feather soft look up the heaven that a familiar figure, facial expression giant earthquake, coincidentally single genu touchdown, face upwards worship up, “master & # 183;……”

Shizi suspended in the sky, gently wrinkle up eyebrows, heavy y & # 237; N once, just slowly came down, in the two people had settled, “get up.”

“Subordinate can’t.” Emperor mountain low head, sink a track.

Feather soft secretly bite a tooth and said nothing.

“What can’t?”

“I’m sorry master a subordinate work.” Emperor mountain took a deep breath, this just red eyes looked up…… “Please master punish!”

Feather soft also look up, a charming face, write full of guilt, “master, is we are determined to is not enough, please master punishment.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong.” Shizi shook his head with a sigh, “in order to race not be destroyed, temporary yield to the wave, you do a ten-day. If you had to insist, now I’m afraid I have not seen you, well, now, whether you also when I was your master?”

“Never changed!” Emperor mountain body an earthquake, the excited drink a way: “even if we temporarily attached, but in the heart of ten-day wave, master never master. I emperor mountain, so long as he swore in, I will always receives wing family with you!”

Feather on the soft red, also firm nod.

“All get up.” Shizi chuckled.

Emperor mountain, feather soft ignore one eye, hesitated for a moment, xi ? o great heart stood up, some ill at ease.

Anger l & # 224; Ng, silver fai, such as TangYuanNa eye contact surprise, look at this two jpmorgan chase god side of the family of wing in dealing with when the not half as above, all feel some incredible.

They know the rising above is not a long time… Years ago, the state of albitite is very low, not how much strong power.

In that situation, emperor mountain, feather soft and accept him give priority to, either at the time the two men into saw his potential to become?

If not, the god of all practitioners, why make a thief to oneself, willing to serve him Lord?

Anger l & # 224; Ng, silver fai think impassability.

“Some things the forget and forget, I will not miss in my heart.” Weigh about words, shizi insignificant smile, “in the photo of the island, you never did sorry I thing, also help me pass the HeQingMan, near the island in my photo, also had got out remind me wave on the island of ten-day, I know that you are not without feeling, otherwise this day I Capricorn will not come on the island photo.”

Emperor mountain, feather soft face touched.

Their hearts understand, if albitite today not come, they will be from the family of wing involvements, was MieZu directly.

Although do not know why green destiny those people so albitite fear, but they understand wing race may escape the robbery, completely because of the reasons above.

“Master and saved us again.” Feather soft gently her mouth shut, temperature track: “my family will be lifelong remember wing of the master of grace.”

“Line.” Shizi grinned, “this photo of the island, not even very people inferno over the robbery, since god left the spirit photo island, heaven and earth after a loss, you continue to reiki here and not necessarily appropriate uniting.”

Paused for a moment, then he way: “so, you also go to the LuoHaiYu, I will give you arrange a convenient island.”

Emperor mountain, feather soft nature won’t object, repeatedly nodded.

“The & # 183;… albitite without sugar south suddenly light shout a……” Snow without island although reiki & # 183 rich enough; Can LuoHaiYu walls there are many islands, suitable for practice kung fu practitioner. That, you are also we three ShenJiao here of, according to christian louboutin men three ShenJiao canons, three ShenJiao jurisdiction of islands, you have a third of ownership, you can completely in LuoHaiYu walls for they choose the right of uniting the island. ”

“Well, you have the right.” OuYangLuo

After this time change, whether TangYuanNa or OuYangLuo frost, look out of how much energy albitite.

A can gather anger l & # 224; Ng, silver fai, king, a summer light weathering and YangQing emperor guy, itself and war, the worm’s demon WangKeYong, endless sea inevitable in the future the existence of was the peak.

He and the stars of ShenJiao have three WuHun.