During the nights of the third and fourth of May the worst nights of the gale–it collided with one of those enormous icebergs that drift down from the shores of Greenland.That he spoke like a person who had an indisputable right to his own way was only too evident to each and every member of the party.Very well, we shall tell everybody that you are in Dal.Joel was able to satisfy himself that the traveler had sustained no injury beyond a severe abrasion of the skin a little below the knee; but though the wound would necessitate a week’s rest, the limb was neither broken nor dislocated.And yet, to suppose that this number, 9672, will necessarily prove the lucky one, is simply ridiculous and absurd. And recall.And that quaint window overlooking the valley of the Maan!This Captain Mosselman was an honest man.The next morning he woke with the sun, and began to review the situation.Yes, Ole’s betrothed was certainly charming, with the slightly melancholy expression of the daughters of the North softening her smiling face; and on seeing her one instantly thought of Hulda the Fair, whose name she bore, and who figures as the household fairy in Scandinavian mythology.But we must recollect that the days are passing very rapidly, continued Sylvius Hogg, and that it is high time we began our preparations for the wedding.That is certainly an excellent idea, Mr.Besides, Norwegians are excellent seamen, and shrink from no danger.Yes and no, Dame Hansen. Do you think that I am going in solitary grandeur hOt cOckTaIl dReSSes the table, and in my own room, all the time I stay at Dal.You have already been told that Hulda has refused much better offers than yours, replied Joel.He said all this so gayly that it seemed as if a ray of sunshine had entered the house with him. This was the unanimous opinion of these experienced mariners,  there could be no doubt that this was the only feasible plan. He misses the journey through Southern on the curious Gotha Canal, in which the steamboats, by rising from lock to lock, manage to reach an elevation of three hundred feet.He even felt it his duty to again absent himself for twenty-four hours, doubtless for an object in some way connected with the affair in which Dame Hansen’s family was so deeply interested; but, as before, he maintained absolute silence in regard to what he was doing or having done in this matter.This time they prolonged their excursion to Bamble, where the professor made the acquaintance of Farmer Helmboe and his daughter Siegfrid.