If we say that “Babies are born to explore the world”, it will be surely true because from the day one they start intriguing the stuff around them. They are curious to know each and everything through their five senses such as, by putting everything in their mouth (taste), by taking everything in their hands (touch), by making them feel that it is something (feel), by listening to each and every sound they heard (hear), by poking their nose on every dish (smell). They try to put their fingers anywhere it can fit, in the switches, holes and even in mouths. They try to get your glasses out of your face; they also try to get all those things which are in their reach.

That’s why it is rightly said by our parents or grandparents that do not interrupt the child while he/ she is exploring the things around them, because if we stop them with a thought of being harmful for them that means we are stopping their growth, they might sometimes be hurt or any action might be dangerous for them but they will definitely learn out of it. Everything in life teaches us something new, although it might be good or bad depending upon the experience but even then bad experience is also learning. From that bad experience we will be avoiding those steps in the future.

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Being parents it is very necessary to have an in depth knowledge about the children’s behavior, their way of expressing and also those things which are unexpressed. Because parents will be developing their kids such as they will be helping them to develop learning skills such as how to speak, they are hungry, how to tell mother that they want to go to the bathroom and so on. It is not necessary that if the baby is hungry he or she must cry, parents can also train them to put fingers in their mouth so that they will easily know. As parents you must be accepting and compromising with the kids and making them believe that you value their feelings.

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