While this sounds a bit funny, but a smart wig products SmartWig Sony recently filed a patent document to see , just launched two smart watches Sony seems to be exploring more possibilities in the field of wearable devices .

Patent documents show that the smart wig named SmartWig from animal and human hair made ??, built-in circuit boards and sensors can be connected to a cell phone or unlimited glasses and other equipment. And built three tactile feedback actuators , users with mobile phones and other devices connected after , when there is mail or SMS notification , wigs will vibrate to remind the wearer .

Also included within the GPS chip SmartWig ultrasound transducer module and a vibration alert to the user through the different locations to achieve the effect of the navigation , the ultrasonic sensor can detect the rear of the wearer’s head or the obstacle , given vibrate in danger .

In addition , SmartWig near the wearer’s forehead part , also set up a camera and a laser pointer.

Sony application seems very optimistic about the prospects SmartWig , such as Sony said he hoped SmartWig able to capture the user’s facial expressions , and then convert it into a command. Also, by increasing the control elements temples , with the laser pointer , the user can refer to the direction or with the head pointed up something .

Of course , just add enough sensors , SmartWig also enables the detection of human health conditions, such as sweat , the body temperature , blood pressure , etc. So people are intended to buy cheap human hair wigs online.

When the average person may not be willing to wear a wig to respond , Sony spokesman said , wearing a wig SmartWig just like ordinary , as it is generally difficult to see the difference , in addition, a different hairstyle will give a different impression , which is why many people are willing the reason to wear a wig . Meanwhile , Sony also said that the head is exposed to daily life at least the site , so compared to other wearable devices safer.

Of course , Sony is now only applied for a patent , does not necessarily indicate that it will launch the actual product. I met a man wearing a wig is really only a handful ah , if really introduced , there will be market it?

Wig foreign trade a lot of people , but basically limited to foreign trade wigs wholesale , retail in foreign trade this one was very lacking, so I think it should do foreign trade wigs turning their attention to foreign trade wig retail. Whether Yiwu Foreign Trade wigs , wig foreign trade in Henan , Guangzhou Foreign Trade wigs , wigs Qingdao Foreign Trade , etc., do one of the few serious retail wigs , wig retail market so great , who can seize the initiative and anyone can retail this wig in foreign trade a dominate.

First, take a look at the foreign trade industry conditions wig

Why are suitable for retail foreign trade wigs , wigs abroad because a friend loved by many , especially in the fashion industry abroad , the huge demand for wigs . Moreover, foreign friends on the wig is also very sought after. Open party, attend a dinner attended some conferences and so on , wigs became fashionable ornaments , so for some small factories or small businesses is a very suitable foreign trade retail trade sales. Of course , the large-scale foreign trade wig factory can do little. In 2008 , in the case of the global economic crisis, China’s exports still maintain wigs growth rate of 13.2% , so the wig vast retail market foreign trade.

2 wig retail foreign trade matters involving specific construction site
( 1 ) Foreign trade retail shop application domain
  A domain name is an online business or a trademark of the company’s products , representing the main business of the company’s products . Do the best with wigs domain has been the trademark of your product or related degree is high, you can also use some of the wigs long tail keywords , so that one is conducive to brand promotion , on the other hand will help improve the search wigs with foreign customers criticism of the use of the word matching, that is , we often say search engine optimization.
( 2) The space rented overseas
  With space for your overseas trade wig retail sites put here . Product information , business information, are displayed on the top. Why foreign space , because they allow foreign customers faster to open your site, and foreign space more conducive to your English search engine optimization , which your site more favorable to overseas marketing . For the wig industry, mostly European and American customers , hire American host, customers open your wig foreign trade website is twelve seconds thing.
( 3 ) Web Design and overseas promotion
  When it comes to web design wig foreign trade , must be able to reflect their own characteristics , to a certain extent, on behalf of the company or the company’s image . For such retail foreign trade website , designed to be simple, elegant, clear navigation station , convenience in your site where visitors know where to find products , where to pay . Then , the problem is the foreign trade promotion . This is a very important issue, wigs are many ways to promote foreign trade retail , forum marketing , blog marketing, email marketing , Twitter marketing , GoogleAdword trade marketing and so are better ways to promote , but should be appropriately combined , because not all methods are used is good. Find their own , is the best.
Select ( 4 ) foreign trade retail payment methods
  Wigs for foreign trade retail shop , the payment method you have to offer , the customer must be both easy to find the way and often use. Otherwise, customers could find no way you provide or the way customers can pay , then buy a wig customers what it would be ? Finally saw a wig like , but can not buy , which is a problem. Wigs are also the best retail foreign trade the most widely used method of payment is PayPal, first he convenient and safe online operation , in addition to his more than 190 countries around the world with the regions, basically all over the place as long as the network can use , the use of the very extensive ! If domestic wig sellers need to integrate or use PayPal as their payment method , PayPal advisor before you can find the application in a timely manner to assist you to resolve the future use and to resolve account issues such as limited , better and more convenient to operate , earnings !
( 5 ) foreign trade retail shop maintenance work
  Foreign trade retail shop maintenance is a long and uninterrupted work . Foreign trade wig shop regularly updated content to constantly update the information display wig new products , style, style , length, and other endemic areas is not only conducive to search engine optimization , you can also bring a lot of traffic, because you have a new content to show to everyone . Wig foreign trade retail shop , from routine maintenance to start , not because of the cold period began on the loose , to adhere to , through the difficult initial stage .
PS: foreigners like to use PayPal payment, because PayPal guaranteed credit terms , and PayPal buyer protection system more perfect , but it is not conducive to doing business cards imitation , imitation brand businesses do must be in strict accordance with the PayPal Security Sales of foreign trade skill to operate , so the money the two air cargo happen. If you are interested in using the PayPal merchant , you can contact a professional advisor in advance to help themselves better and safer to use !