AJ, a North Shore Physio, is new to the area after working in the city in a specialist foot and ankle clinic. Many people think they have to live with painful feet, I hear it a lot; “I just thought it was part of getting old”, or “I thought my problem was hereditary”. Many times there are simple causes like a specific tight muscle or joint, that once mobilised or released, enables the foot to function normally again and pain to be relieved. One example of this is a common runners complaint; where the abductor hallucis (a muscle that runs along the inside length of the foot) becomes tight and causes the heel to get stiff. This has the effect of reducing rotation in the foot and shock absorption. It can also trap nerves that travel under it and cause pain to spread up to the toes.

Things that can cause foot and lower leg issues:

•Wearing hard shoes on concrete, because there’s very little give as the foot lands
•Increase in your normal walking routine
•Toe pain can develop when the corners or sides of your toenails grow sideways rather than forward
•Repeated flexing of the foot when walking up and down steep hills
•Pain in the ball of your foot occurs due to wearing narrow, high shoes or very flat ones

Medication for foot and lower leg issues

•Shoes- To reduce pain, wear supportive shoes or sandals with a contoured footbed at all times. Choose walking shoes that are not too flexible in the middle. “They should be bendable at the ball but provide stiffness and support at the arch”
•Ingrown toenail- Leave wiggle room in your shoes. You may need to go up a half size when you buy sneakers, because your feet tend to swell during exercise. Use toenail clippers (not fingernail clippers or scissors) to cut straight across instead of rounding the corners when you give yourself a pedicure.

•Weight- For mild cases, reduce your mileage or substitute non-weight-bearing activities such as swimming or upper-body training, so long as these don’t aggravate the pain. “Avoid walking uphill, because this increases the stretch on the tendon, irritating it and making it weaker”.

•Walk- For general back pain prevention, keep the muscles in your trunk strong. While you walk, engage your abs by pulling your belly button toward your spine as if you were trying to flatten your belly to zip up tight jeans. “Avoid bending over at the waist, a tendency when you are walking fast”.

•Exercise- Do some quad strengtheners to help align the kneecap and beef up support around your knee: Sit with back against a wall, right leg bent with foot flat on floor and left leg straight in front of you. Contract quads and lift left leg, keeping foot flexed. Repeat 12 times; work up to three sets per leg. While standing, place a looped band around both feet and sidestep 12 to 15 times to right, then back to left.

Anna Jane Physio Crows Nest has more than 18 years of experiance as a physiotherapist. She has served as team physio to the Australian Freestyle Ski Team. The holistic principles that make Physio Body and Sole an innovative and necessary part of your approach to physical and emotional wellbeing.

My new practice in Oxygen Personal Fitness and Pilates is the culmination of all the knowledge and experience I have developed in more than 18 years as a physiotherapist. My career has been a combination of running a private practice treating mums and dads, grandparents and teenagers and working with elite athletes.

For a period I served as team physio to the Australian Freestyle Ski Team. During this time I came to understand the importance of being able to support a patient through their rehabilitation with the support of fitness professionals like personal trainers and Pilates instructors here at Oxygen.

Having the expertise, technology and equipment available to me and my patients is a dream come true. We are all equally committed to seeing you return from injury or discomfort to good health.

Aside from physiotherapy, I love my two daughters, yoga and snow skiing. I’m incredibly excited by the prospect of working with the team at Oxygen and applying the holistic principles that make Physio Body and Sole an innovative and necessary part of your approach to physical and emotional wellbeing.


Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy)
Graduate Dip Exercise and Sports Science


Soft tissue massage and joint mobilisation
Postural Analysis and education
Gait re-education
Specific Exercise prescription
Video analysis available
Workplace assessment
Breathing exercises
Dry needling
Laser therapy
Educational Talks for Corporate Groups


Initial consultation is 45 mins – 1 hour and follow up treatments 30-45 mins depending on the complexity of your problem or number of areas to treat.


Shorts, sports shoes and orthotics (if relevant)
Any X-Rays or Investigations. Only the report is required for MRI.
Doctors referral if you have one (but this is not necessary)

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