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Not surprised the joy.

Full head big sweat, double eye red, the expression of the grotesque albitite, in gravity indoor suddenly hey hey smiled to get up.

Beyond the threshold only state, the power could get the growth of again!

This is like a strong and handsome people increase muscle r & # 242; U piece, only in ChaoFu value of the gravity, let muscle r & # 242; U outside to the limit, let muscle fiber breakage, will be the next restructuring, get more bigger and is surrounded degree growth.

To different situations, but in the same way, in all muscle r & # 242; U shaking at that moment, he realized, disturbing his problems, may have the opportunity to solve.

Dragging a real piece of unknown material of the heavy stone, bite a tooth, and trembling, he death-defying overdraw the r & # 242; U body threshold.

No use a j ? ng yuan, without the use of a force, a pure by r & # 242; The potential of the inner body u, rely on the midweek and don’t want to.

The limit! The limit! Can’t continue, otherwise, you will die!
 allow him so continue to go down hard.

Deaf, bite a tooth, in that the peak pressure and the terrorist, under pressure from him to continue


Left leg is a tough muscle and root, can’t take this deadly of pressure, suddenly split.

Acute pain!

The fracture of muscle, let him that a leg shakes, such as the needle, the torn pain, direct neural and crashed into the sea of knowledge.

Still persist.

“Fire! Fire! Fire!”

A malicious muscle taut fracture, his legs a soft, can do not hold to, really quickly.

Bear exhaustion and pain, such as water general, instant hit. Come on.

Beyond the limit.

Faint on the spot!

In the twenty times as the gravity of the room, he was split r & # 242; U crack, bloodied, fall in the pool of blood, r & # 242; U body badly hit.

A jade-like stone white s & # 232; Fire inflammation, crept up from blood lines of escape from flying out, extremely cold white mist of fluff, spread, flash, will beside him in the space blockade.

Gravity room suddenly became ice emperor city’s most of the jedi!

The duke mansion.

Uniting the cold of x & # 236; Ng achievement method, will j ? ng gas into the city of god monkey cold a nv, in of austerity, suddenly opened his eyes, yi yi is unripe brightness, burning, they and the glory of the glaring.

“XuanBing cold flame!”

such as a ice light, speed toward the direction of the above.

At the same time.

In every corner of the ice emperor city, some state to a certain extent, also can detect the breath of god XuanBing cold flame its practitioners, also in succession from ice cold practices games out of danger, desperate to fly out.

16 K throughout the lonely upload.

Uniting the cold of dry of x & # 236; Ng of wu said made seems, XuanBing cold flame this extremely cold laugh, is the most precious treasure of world vision of one.

This kind of method of uniting the practitioners, if can will XuanBing cold flame into the body, that good can unspeakable, either for the ascension of the state, or should the growth of power law, have significant ascension.

Also, this kind of method of uniting the runoff practitioners, for XuanBing cold flame to release air, is also extremely sensitive.

Its practitioners to heaven and earth god’s perception of the aura, was very abnormal condition, ice rate of uniting the cold of the city x & # 236; Ng law definitely practitioners, for cold force d & # 242; Ng was more acute.

Therefore, when XuanBing cold flame in the ice emperor city appeared, and then a few people with all the god to fix for practitioners, almost immediately felt it in.

For XuanBing cold flame the legend of the spirit of things, all this kind of practitioners, will not be repressed in the heart of excited, right away to catch up.

Ice on the emperor city of duke, adopted four dry nv son, ice, cold, cold, the frost to name, in her into the order of the true god, after its failure, the city of the duke’s ice emperor who, by ice made clear took over, become ice emperor city new term of the duke.

Cold cui, cold indeed, the frost rain bamboo three, is with the emperor city into ice three elders and ice, fine together over ice made emperor city, into ice emperor city power of the three largest nv.

Ice made clear, cold cui, cold rain, the frost indeed bamboo four people, and according to the city of ice emperor traditional, adopted several qualification special dry nv son, including ice Qiang, ice is made clear the eu, ice dry nv son, next to the power of the city of ice christian louboutin men emperor ji ? o meet, will and cold cui, cold indeed, the frost rain of bamboo abundant nv son for the duke’s place.

Ice made clear, cold cui, cold rain, the frost indeed bamboo four nv people, all has the prospect of god to fix for, including ice made clear and cold cui has the god of creation of the double day fix for the, cold indeed, the frost rain with bamboo Johnson s & # 232; Some, but also is the god of heaven realm practitioners.