Venus Engineers is an ISO 9001 certified company involved in the production of high performance Material Handling Equipment and Gearboxes. Established in the year 1998, the company has witnessed stupendous growth in the manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of products, like Wire Rope, Chain hoist, EOT crane, HOT Crane, Power Winch, Chain Pulley Block, Worm/Helical Gear Boxed and Goods/Passenger Elevators, etc.

State-of-the-art equipment, well developed expertise and a team of highly confident, expertise and a team of highly confident, experienced and qualified professionals is the real strength of Venus Engineers. Wire Rope Hoist, Chain Hoist, EOT Crane, HOT Crane, Power Winch, Chain Pulley Block, etc. come with unmatched quality.

Material handling is an important and integral part of industry. Where lifting and shifting or lowering of materials take place constantly. Venus engineer is a well-know and an established manufacture and exporter of material handling and lifting equipment. The headquarter of this company is located in the charming and gentle tourism and historical city the national capital of India in Delhi, Enjoys beautiful lands caps and the ease of land and air transportation. The company was established in 1998. Specialized in manufacturing of most advanced and perfect system for material handling equipment and is equipped with excellent and high class technology and practical experience of qualified technocrat.

Venus engineer specializing design and manufacturing of ELECTRIC WIRE ROPE HOISTS, E.O.T. CRANES, H.O.T. CRANES, ELECTRIC CHAIN HOISTS, ELECTRIC POWER WINCHES, JIB CRANES, GANTRY CRANES, MANUAL CHAIN HOISTS, CRAB WINCHES & S.P.M Machines ETC. We have confidence in offering outstanding products, additional good service and in –time delivery. Our products are well accepted and affirmed by famous various industries such as -:

Steel Fabrication Cable
Cement Plants Construction
Die Casting Fastener
Food Processing Footwear
Furnace Heavy Fabrication
Galvanizing Glass
Power Generator Hydro Electric Projects
Injection Molding Pressure Vessel & Tank
Rolling Mills Forging
Paper Mills Leathers
Rubber Textile
Foam Air Conditioning
Metal Automobile Industries

In order to improve the quality of products and increases the efficiency of finished products.

We all do our best. Venus engineers’ cranes have the unique virtues of less wheel load, less weight

Even in 2003, we have achieved the “ISO-9001” CERTIFICATIONS. This is our important mission to offer the best products and service to our customer and we will towards the international standard. Satisfaction and trust of customer is the most wealth to us, in the face of honour, we start to recall step by step of the road of development there is plenty of excitement but more gratitude, our developments is on basis of support from friends and our effort. We believe deeply the truth of “the day goes, gentleman strive without stop” the result is just new point of departure, consistent creative makes us to surmount ourselves; we never give up in developing of road.