Get Chir?practic Massage Treatment For Sciatic? In ?bor City, Tampa Fl

If you suffer from sciatica, you w?ll most ??obably be ?xp?riencing lower back pain traveling to the buttocks and legs. You will be glad to know that you can get chiropractic massage treatment not only for b?ck pain relief but also to resolve the root cause of sciatica in Yb?r City, Tampa FL.

foot heel pain during pregnancySciatica is not a condition in itself. It is, rather, a symptom that may be pointing to a variety of ?isorder?. ?he sciatic nerve starts in the lumbosacral spine in th? lower back and branches down to provide motor functions an? sensory function? to the thighs, knees, calves, feet and toes. It is the largest and longest nerve in the human body, being as thick as a thumb in the upper gluetal region. When the sci?tic nerve is compressed or is inflamed, sciati? pain occur? anywhere from the lower back to the feet. Since the pain radiates and is referred from the point of compression or ?nflammati?n, ?t is calle? a neuropathy or neuralgia.

Sciatic pain could be a dull a?he, a throbbing pain ?? a sharp p?in. Others feel something similar to electric shocks or needles an? pins. There may be cramping, burning, numbness and tingling. Th? pain can be minimal to intense and can range from occ?sional to constant. It may be accompanied b? ?eakness ?nd loss of reflex?s. Sufferers may find it difficult to go about normal daily acti?ities like s?tting, stan?ing and walking, and may ha?e difficulty sleeping. At worst, it may lead to muscle atrophy, loss of feeling and paralysis. The patient ?an lose cont?ol of the bladder and bo??ls.

When sciatic pain ?s ?t its worst ?t can be exc?u?i?ting an? patients are completel? debilitated. It is said to be one of the worst kinds of pain that a human body can encounter. Sometimes even strong narcotics are n?t enough to give adequate relief.

Sc?atica could be traced to lumbar ?pine subluxations or misalignments, slipped discs that are herniated or bulging, complications of pregn?ncy and childbirth, the p?e?en?e of tumo??, bursitis in th? hip and gluteal area, and injury to the piriformis muscle above the sciatic nerve that cause spasm?. Such injury may have been caused by trauma from an accident or strenuous activity, arthritis or variations in leg length. Even m?nor but re?etit?ve traumas such as slouching when sitting or walking, coughing and sneezing violently or constantly sitting on a w?llet in th? back pocket can build up to cause spasms that in turn pinch the sciatic ner?e.

?ther health conditions not related to the spine could also cause sciat?ca, including advanced diabetes and ?hronic constipation.

Ch?ropractic massage treatment is non-inv?siv?, non-surg?cal and drug-free. Chiropractic massage does spine manipulation and adjustments to realign vertebral bo?ies in the spinal column. This frees spinal movement and reduces irritation to the nerve. The compressions or restr?ctions that cau?e ?pasm, inflammation and pain a?e removed.

Chiropractic massage is often accompanied by ice/cold therapies, ultrasound and TENS in the treatment of sciatica. I?e/cold therapy is used to hel? reduce the inflammation and ease pain. Ultra?ound uses sound wave? that send gentle heat p?netrating deepl? into muscle tissues, increasing circulation and d?minishing sp?sms, cr?mps, swelling, stffness and pain. ?ranscutaneous ?lectrical ner?e stimulation (TEN?) uses electrical current to stimulate muscl?s and control acut? pain.

?hiropractic mass?ge can help not only with sciatica but with other ?onditions as well, such as chronic neck pain, chr?nic back ?ain, arthritis o? other di?comforts, including the after effects of an auto accident. Chiropractic massage prov?d?? not only pa?n relief but a long term res?lution of the un?erlying problems causing pain. For individual? who are not experiencing discomfort and are leading active sporty lives, ?hiro?ractic sports massage can provide ongoing mu?cular and skeletal well being in Tampa FL.