This movie was great. I love tangled and I had heard a rumor that Disney would no longer be producing Princesses. I was devastated. Then when i hear about Brave i was so excited!! This movie was great! It’s a little scary at times, most of the little kids cried once or twice and i was a little scared at times myself! But the trailers for the movie don’t do it justice! It’s about a lot more than a girl’s struggle for freedom for her responsibilities as a queen and other kingdomly duties. Its chuck full of adventure and it’s very funny! It is definitely family friendly, be just be warned your little ones may get scared. In my theater a little boy screamed just about every time anything loud happened. A MUST SEE for any Disney fan!!
Brave is a beautiful and moving new fairy tale that fits seamlessly into the genre; Princess Merida is a wonderfully multi-facted heroine; the film shapes itself around problems that are familiar and understandable and will be well-understood and appreciated by kiddos and parents alike; the supporting characters that are given the most attention are well-crafted (but too bad for those others that fall by the wayside). The visual effects are flawless, in my opinion, the best of al thel Pixar films.
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Brave is at its best when it’s smartly and charmingly changing what we think think a Disney Princess can be, but it wavers when it tries to somehow reinvent the Pixar wheel. The film lacks the trademark Pixar wit we’ve come to expect from the animation studio’s productions, and some humor feels shoe-horned in for the sake of having some laughs; the directorial kerfuffle that took place in the middle of production is not overwhelmingly obvious, but there is a distinct laugh of singular vision driving the film and its tone wavers throughout.

It may not live up to the incredible standards of the Pixar brand, but Brave offers young audiences a lot of entertainment and adventure. Highly Recommended.