Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional grinding mill manufacturer with decades producing experience and advanced technology, whose products including energy-saving ball mill, ball mill, cement mill, raw material mill series, batch mill, rod mill and so on.
Our company regards the product quality as the life of enterprise. It has passed the authoritative certificates such as ISO9001:2008 and CCC authentication (China Compulsory Product Certification). We are also honored as “contract-abiding and trustworthy” enterprise of Henan province. And the enterprise has followed the scientific management method of modern enterprises, producing equipments with meticulous care and endless innovation, in this way; it has rapidly developed and become an outstanding enterprise in the mechanical industry in China.
In this article, the professional engineer from Hongxing Company will give some useful advice to the users about how to install the machine properly.
When the grinding opportunity arrives at the scene, when was unable to install the using for a while, the worker should take care properly, avoiding it is exposed to the sun and rain, the part rusting. The gold processing appears externally the surface, must spread to guard against rust the fat, and must establish the periodic maintenance system.
According to the scene special details union base compilation, disposes the steel bar pouring good foundation with the high-grade cement, and buries to thread the tube or completes the cable trench.
The cement foundation must have enough time raises the solid time.
The rectangle disposition should act according to grinding machine assembly drawing size, leaves leeway enough highly with the position.
The grinding mill installs the location should dispose following is for the installment. The service uses lifting heavy objects tool: 3R should have the lifting capacity is the 2t lifting heavy objects tool; 4R should have the lifting capacity is the 2-3t lifting heavy objects tool; 5R should have lifts heavy objects the tool is the 5t lifting heavy objects tool;
The major component of grinding mill is transmission device and roll installment. The central shaft part and analysis sump part, from leaving the plant to the period of revolution over six months, generally are not easy to clean and inspection.
After clean and check off, various transmissions part should join enough lubricant.
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