The new installation ball mill needs a period of adjustment. During the adjustment, the first addition of the steel ball quantity account for 80% of ball mill maximizing ball capacity. The proportion of steel ball added is determined by the size of steel ball. The ball capacity is different for different ball mill models, for example, for a MQG1500×3000 type ball mill, its maximum ball capacity is 9.5-10 ton.
The reasons why the steel ball quantity only adds 80% in the period of ball mill adjustment are that the gearwheel and pinion of ball mill need meshing after the installation of ball mill, and the treatment capacity increases gradually. After the ball mill operating continuously and normally for two or three days, check the gearing mesh of gearwheel and pinion and when all is normal open the ball mill manhole cover for the second addition of the left 20% steel ball.
When the ball mill is in normal operation, add each steel ball group by 3:4:3. Note: the addition of the little ball is just for the first ball adding match, as when the ball mill is in normal operation, the reasonable frictions between steel ball and steel ball, steel ball and ore, steel ball and ball mill liner plate will increase the abrasion and make the large ball smaller, the medium ball into little ball.
So in normal condition, the ball mill needs no more addition. Only when the monomer dissociation of valuable mineral granularity does not happen and the fineness of or mill is under the flotation demands, the little ball can be added. The steel ball in the ball mill wears down gradually in operation. The reasonable ball adding compensating for the abrasion aims to keep filling ratio and reasonable match of the ball, and maintain the stale operation of the ball mill.
The weight of the steel ball added is determined by the steel ball quality, as the steel ball quality is a determinant of ore additive amount. It is best to adopt the new type wear resistance steel ball. The best steel ball addition method is calculating the ore quantity per ton (that is to say, adding 0.8kg ore per ton). Generally, disposing one ton ore needs 1kg-1.2kg steel ball. For different types of ball mill, the size comparison of steel ball is different.
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