In the usage of ball mill grinder, the ball mill operator adopts the conservative working method for safety which causes great wastes of material. Especially for the coal grinding mill, the great coal waste adds the cost and makes the production hard. Adopting the automatic material level monitoring system can decrease the ball mill operators, eliminate the potential safety hazards, and lower the resource waste.
After implementing the material level monitoring technology, the steel ball loading capacity is decreased due to the coal pulverizing system optimization and the coal pulverizing system is ensured to run under the largest power and the optimum working condition which lower the coal pulverizing system electric consumption, steel consumption and prolong the ball mill equipment service life. This technology makes the grinding miller work at the high material level come true. The noise of the grinding mill barrel obviously decreases, the noise pollution to the surrounding are greatly lowered.
Benefit Analysis: The ball mill material level monitoring mainly benefits the power use, steel ball consumption, and equipment consumption. Since this ball mill technology put into practice, the energy has been decreased, the grinding mill operation stability and safety have been improved a lot. Meanwhile as the empty smash of the steel ball is avoided, the grinding mill steel ball consumption, and ball mill lining plate consumption are lowered obviously. The coal mill bearing bush operating reliability is highly improved.
Implementing the material level monitoring is one of the important steps in the mechanism automation which can bring obvious benefits to enterprises. It helps save manpower, eliminate potential safety hazard, lower the resource waste, and decrease the cost.
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