When trying to import AVI from video camera like Sony, Samsung, RCA, Panasonic, Canon Powershot, Flip Mino etc to iMovie, you may often come across one of the following painful problems: nothing showed up on the iMovie screen; only image in iMovie; only sound in iMovie; or AVI files grayed out and refused to be imported to iMovie. Do you really have no idea to successfully import AVI to iMovie?

To fulfill your task, you can just get Video Converter for Mac, which can help you convert AVI video to iMovie supported videos with optimized settings while keeping the video quality.

iMovie is a powerful videos editing software sold by Apple Inc. for apple devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad and so on. If you love customizing movies, this software is really good for you to make you personal movies conveniently. Especially the launch of iMovie’11, users can even edit AVCHD Lite at ease. But this article will focus on how to import one of the most common video formats— AVI to iMovie for editing.

AVI is one streaming media format which is commonly used on Internet with high video quality and not very large volume, so it is easy to transmit through internet. Some camera record videos at AVI format such as Canon Powershot, Samsung, RCA, Panasonic, Flip Mino etc.

Why need to convert AVI to iMovie
As is known to us, not all audio and video compression formats are supported by iMovie ’08/’09. iMovie only read AVI that both the audio and the video were compressed using a codec that iMovie can use. If iMovie can’t recognize your AVI video files, it’s because the codec used to create the AVI file is not supported by iMovie.

Guide on how to import AVI to iMovie
Step 1:Free Download and Install AVI to iMovie Converter , run it on your Mac.

Step 2: Add AVI files you want to edit to the converter.

Step 3: Convert AVI to iMovie. From the drop-down list of Profile, you can find iMovie icon, click it, then hit Convert Button to start convert AVI to iMove format

Step 4: After finish converting, you can import AVI to iMovie then

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