The fire is actually more large meteor fireball of a primary against the enemy’s fire spell, the magic the biggest characteristics, be with the size of the caster mana from different power. Like elder brother rhys if use of words, can cast out of the flame of fire contains black meteor, power, can achieve high magic level.

“In this magic meteor with fire, you must take that first will be the flame art and fireball fusion up, you see, you use now was already can burn the flame of the fire had blue, but, you send out of the fireball but still is red, this is no good. You have to be……” Fully explained all morning, foolish to fire the meteor principle and usage barely remember a 7788. Elder brother in order to be afraid he forget rhys, will fire the meteor usage wrote down, so as to further foolish can better practice. In the afternoon, foolish start practicing hard up, have any question, one always elder brother rhys consult, the elder brother rhys surprisingly mild, and with much patience with the continuous interpretation. Finally, in the evening, can send out the fire has been further foolish meteor magic, no, precisely, he has a Mars louboutin uk can send out, its power also can burn wear leaves. Elder brother morris told him, hope, when I come back to see him let out a piece of a cm in diameter of the green fire a shooting star.

The second day early in the morning, the elder brother rhys simple packed a moment, in the foolish before woke up, with complex mood, quietly left. He wanted to find a place quiet quiet heart, for the final experiment mentally prepared.

Elder brother rhys go, foolish feel very lonely, compared with the first time here, he to the elder brother of the thoughts more ardent rhys, often can a man sat on a log cabin look at elder brother should be back before at the direction of the stunned. The magic for foolish meteor fire is still very profound, although constant efforts to practice, but the result is very small, far from what power.

Two months time passed very quickly. This day, the foolish from mist pick back to the fruit, and had his breakfast, he began to uniting the magic before the dull. Sitting before the log cabin, carefully take out the silver light flashing steamed bread, praying that elder brother rhys hurry back. Initially, the elder brother morris to brought the steamed bread he didn’t eat all be willing to part with or use, left a, and while elder brother morris take a shower of the time, secretly into the law of the laboratory using tried in a layer of steamed bread outsourcing silver tin, the elder brother morris silver tin refining the biggest characteristics is fresh, it is also the first independent completed further foolish experiments. Elder brother morris did know of course foolish??????? But he was pretending to be don’t him. The practice of the foolish, also in the elder brother rhys heart left a deep imprint.

Stroked steamed bread of the silver tin, and foolish stupid saying, “teacher, two months, you should be back soon. You come back soon!!!!!! Foolish miss you.”

“Ring a bell, the bell. The bell, the bell, the bell” hanging in the roof suddenly rang the bell. Foolish heart in a surprised, stood up from the ground. This bell, is at the beginning of the elder brother rhys arrangement, which has a special magic device, as long as someone breaking into a hut territory), bell will ring. The device is the highest place of it, is one set of magic array can tell the people the difference between the beast, that is, if the beast into this range, is not ringing of the bell. Covering a hut in less than, elder brother rhys have other decorate, not insurmountable barrier is a beast. So, since always, there has been no beast was the attack.

Foolish know, this foreign person never is elder brother morris, because the elder brother rhys will follow a fixed route back, the fixed line, is not touches alarm system. Don’t, don’t is stranger? Who will come here? Although around the elder brother of the various organs at the layout, but foolish or nervous. According to the elder brother morris said he was the method, identify with the sound of the bell, he found, and strangers is on the north side of the touch device, that direction, it was back in the direction of the elder brother morris.

The so-called care about the mess, foolish thought of, don’t, don’t  brother rhys teacher came back, he accidentally touched authority? Will it? Will is he? Three miles away place, had been in outside the scope of the fog, although there have the fog, but to the thin. Come here ten months, everything around him, foolish have clear, although he still doesn’t know how to can get out of the psychedelic Sam, but fangyuan miles near, have clearly tell direction.

No, the elder brother morris may hurt? The teacher, must be the elder brother rhys teacher, I want to go to meet him. Strong sense that kept the foolish thoughts to run to the outside, into the fog.