Foolish in the help of Owen has entered a trance, Owen was introduced into the flow of air and his body to fruit scattered in the pulse of the vitality gradually fusion, and constantly slow in motion. He feel whole body as if in a large heater in, say a comfortable, with no on Michael Owen’s control, he did the work gradually increasing speed, when he did work after seven Sunday, to sober up.

“How are you? How to feel.” Morning OuWenBang foolish do work finished, his breath for a while, it will lock gate, alongside the home for one day, when asked about alongside further foolish, he found a reason fobbed off in the past, he know, the first generation of uniting the runoff is very important, and foolish cannot be any bother.

Foolish from bed down and looked at the sky outside, surprisingly found that day had black. Although meditating for night one day, but foolish blood is amazingly open, “uncle, my whole body seems to have the light body, there was a something in constant moving, very comfortable.”

Owen satisfactory nodded, way: “the work of a day can  the largest uniting runoff. Well, you have a short rest, eat, eat of I give you ready. Have a meal, give you two hours of time of the event, you can also practice your magic, but in order to avoid pedophilia, you can only in the room practice, don’t have the house was burnt down.” Owen was agreed to further foolish continue to practice magic, the most important reason, is he understand, their time in the mainland of a good deal on although classic, but the killer decades, has the members is really too much. If further foolish can have a other identity, after him for his revenge can reduce when many unnecessary trouble.

A day of practice of the mood for foolish many, he faces a red, way: “uncle, rest assured, I absolutely will not burn the house. I first go for dinner.” Said, and quickly ran out, he suddenly found that the party is going on his uncle, didn’t seem so hate.

After dinner, the foolish in order to strive for the time, did not rest, immediately into the magic of practice, as a result of practice a short time, but also to in the room, he also can only use contemplative method to improve their spirit, the meditation and uniting the magic of uniting the qi concentration is completely different. Meditation practice is spirit because of its cohesion, and not afraid bother can always awake. And different concentration, uniting the odds of uniting the equivalent of their own body potential power, must want to complete the whole Sunday to scattered reactive power, so, it’s the most avoid is midway uniting disturb, once by drive, very easy to run amok. When foolish meditating for two hours later, Owen will he called to get up.

“Foolish, in fact if you just practice of the psyche, uniting the movement but no influence, and never with certain stimulative effect, spirit is stronger, you control of the body and the true qi the easier it is to some, this is a good way to the most basic things. Magic is mana, also is the spirit. So, I give you every day after three hours of meditation time, at present, the practice meditation practice every day, you true qi seven Sunday is mbt outlet enough to……. The rest of the time, you want to and I learn some knowledge.”

Foolish some doubts of say: “if I just meditation mana and increase didn’t practice magic, will not affect my magical fire use?”

Owen ha ha a smile, way: “you this boy, when become smart. Light meditation is sure to influence the magic control. But I mana is the most fundamental thing, magic spells you force, a high to powerful magic, isn’t it? In fact, wait you of that to a certain degree of uniting the runoff, the magic of much use. For me, unless it is MoDao and level or above, it is hard to cause damage to me. That never the greatest characteristic is can restraint of all the evil of the gas, is the most authentic sacred quarrelling. When it’s strength of more than spells strength, magic may not cause any damage. Perhaps you now still not understand, you’ll understand.”

Foolish nao nao head, way: “that I first meditation, and meditation. Uncle, now start to meditate?”

Owen nodded: “at the start of the foundation is very important, should that be divided into nine heavy, when you reach the third after heavy, I only then can teach you anything else, now you began to meditate? Today I don’t help you, you or according to the route, yesterday uniting until the faint air flow in the body of the turn seven laps you can stop.”

Foolish to sit on the bed, in Owen’s help, put out a five heart head position. OuWenGang ready to also go to transport the merit, foolish suddenly and opened his eyes.