Suddenly, originally the sunny sky floating a slice of dark clouds, the sea breeze suddenly big up, lifted the calm sea wave, the waves.

Foolish stood up, looked at far out to sea, but he didn’t catch at the figure of walking to Philip, mumbling of say: “how to still don’t come back, waves so big, that are dangerous.”

XiLei shook the hand of the foolish, way: “foolish brother, sister, they will be fine.”

The rain pour down, with the severe cold wind on the beach, foolish worrisome get to the sea, look to the distant place, still no seats at the Philippines they figure, he ran away XiLei way: “LeiLei, rain, you first go home, tell your grandpa, let mbt shoes sale them to get to come over, Philippines son sister and small wind hasn’t come back yet. I wait here.”

XiLei nodded, turned to run to the town. The wind bigger, wave is also higher, Philippines and seats at the table but still no sign of wind, they are foolish of good friend, and foolish heart, have them as his family, he anxiously get to the sea, at the mercy of the sea water rushed wet his pant leg.

No, can’t so wait, if seats at the accident happened to the wind and the Philippines, how oneself like alongside uncle explaination! Thought of here, foolish taking off your coat thrown on the side, fast running to sea. Although he swimming technology and is not very good, but the practice of the runoff that his body is very fit, adjusted the breath, in waves and hard work, the work of a while he had been brought into the waves of the ocean, the shore has turned into a straight line unclear, as he swim, side constantly Shouting seats at the name of the Philippines and the wind. But, his voice has been completely cover the waves, in the endless sea water, how can call to the people? Until now, he still didn’t realize, oneself also is already in danger.

Due to the sea waves up, alongside the three sons of all the ship back to home early, they just take a door, just out of XiLei-meet return to rest, immediately the sea.

XiLei call way: “dad, you see, it’s not the elder brother and sister?” Sure enough, the Philippines and seats at two people just out of the sea on the beach.

dad, juwan, three uncle, what do you.”

Table of XiZhongChen father murphy track: “your courage also is too big, so big waves incredibly also dare to swim in the sea, if let water swept away?”

Murphy up at your tongue, took his father’s hand, JiaoSheng way: “dad, won’t, I and wind brother of waterborne so good, how can something? In the waves in my! That’s a blast to return some of the pain.” He turned to his younger brother, ask a way: “LeiLei, brother? You didn’t further foolish with him?”

XiLei a stare blankly, looked at his father seats white, way: “foolish brother is not on the shore? How don’t you see him?”

See table at his two brothers, way: “you look fast, will not drop further foolish murphy son and the wind of the first to go, he should be in the neighborhood.” Although the mouth to say so, but his heart was somewhat ominous sense, beach so flat, no coverings, if further foolish in, they should be one eye can see that.

Seats wind suddenly way: “dad, brother-in-law, the three uncleyou see, this is not foolish brother coat?”

Seats in table hair, seats, white ran to the crowd, and sure enough, the foolish coat is on the beach, has been the rain completely wet. Three men looked at each other, color change at the way: “bad, foolish must go to the sea for you. This bad, and he is not good, I’m afraid of the water is hard to swim back. Old three, you go to inform Owen uncle, is the second one, let’s go to the sea to find.”