Summary : The girls put their problems aside to celebrate Mehgan’s lingerie themed birthday party; however, after a spa day the house drifts further apart as two of the girls are left at home.

A group of rebellious women are put in a house together in an experiment intended to moderate their behavior. These women have issues with anger, trust and control, and claim they want to change. Will living together help them move forward and turn their lives around — or will chaos rule?

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This has to be one of the most outrageous and shocking efforts at reality TV to date. True exploitation at it’s finest. But I would ask, what does it exploit? All it does is simply show the evolution of the human condition. Why are so many offended when these producers hold up a mirror to the public? When we see the aspects of vein pretension and material worship that has permeated so deeply into our society, are we seeing just how horribly ugly many of us have become? Is this social experiment deemed offensive because it openly displays the same attitudes that many normally keep hidden and suppressed? In our increasingly dysfunctional society, it is acceptable to think horrible things and exercise bad behaviors in a passive manner, but if these characters openly display such thoughts and behaviors, only they are somehow “bad”? Truth hurts, and for some, this one hurts pretty bad.

On my end I simply see a petri dish. Introduce a culture and see what grows. Compare this one to Roman gladiators. Find some extreme examples of socially dysfunctional behavior, of which an endless supply exists, and see their reactions as they basically confront themselves. Will they see and realize their own condition and behavior when they are horribly offended by it in others? If placed into the lap of leisure and luxury, is it appreciated? Or is merely the entitlement they believe they somehow deserve? Is the tendency we see to turn paradise into a living hell a unique example, or does it merely serve as an example of who we have become as a culture? With these young women being confronted by like individuals everywhere they go, I contend the latter is the case. For me, this show is some of the best entertainment available. I have been watching our society develop for a very long time. I may be helpless as an individual watching the social suicide we are committing, but I sure am entertained watching the results. This series is a total scream! Too bad so many of these young women had not taken it as an opportunity to better themselves. In the end, they’ll never be able to say that nobody ever gave them the chance.