I am Sonia pandey From Mumbai Female Escorts The college auditorium was full with students from many colleges in the city. It was the finals of the inter collagiate drama festival. After the elimination rounds quaterfinals and semi, it has progressed in to the finals with just two colleges competing for the finals. There were two dignitaries sitting in the front sests as the chief guest Mr.Hari Kumar the famous film director and joshy the sitting MP from their town.
The atmosphere was a bit tense as students from the two finalists colleges were making big noise supporting their respective teams.

The curtain raised and the college from chennai began their play. It was a comedy skit and made the audience laugh and roar till the end. They gave a formidable presentation that made the supporters dance with unlimited joy. They made such an impact that they already looked like the winning team.
Within 10 minutes the next college.. Again from a city college staged their show. It was a story about a young and beautiful girl and her struggles to fight against all odds to reach as a famous actress and finally how she gives up everything in life for wich she struggled so hard and turned in to an orphan. It was an intense and emotional drama and the girl who played the lead role gave such a splendid performance that the audience smiled when she smiled danced when she danced and were in tears when she was crying.
When the winner was announced the second team was the unanimous winner. During the prize distribution the famous film director Haridass said that he has never in his life seen such an outstanding performance from an young college girl. I am just waiting to speking to her he said

The MP in his speach repeated the same in his own words. He slightly went overboard by praising not only her talent but also her beauty..the likes of which he has never seen in any girls.

Now the auditorium was silent waiting for her reappearence. But instead of her the whole team assembled on thr stage. And in the centre of the other acters (students) she stood like a princess
She was really charming.. With a beautiful structure..average height.. Fair.. Very proportionate body with nice breasts.. Which was visible through her blouse and saree.. Slim waist line..shapely buttocks and very seductive walking style. She was having hip long dense hair . she seemed to wear very little makeup, nicely kajal lined eyes.. Light pink lipstic and a bindi on her forehead.
All eyes were on her. In short she mesmerised everyone by her freshness of beauty.
The MP went close to her and asked her name. She did not reply. But a middle aged man looked like a professor said “this is priyan a second year student from our college

“What… did you say priya?” the MP asked as if did not hear her name properly.
“No sir this is priyan a second year male student from our college. And sir, for your information ours is a men’s college.
The auditorium went in to total silence.
Disbelief was written on everybody’s face.
There was confusion on the face of the MP. But soon it was replaced with a kind of excited look.


There was pin drop silence in the auditorium for a few seconds as it took time to sink the fact that the charming girl who enthralled every one by her dashing feminine beauty.. dance and out of the world acting talent in fact was not a girl at all but a boy in real life.

the next minute the auditorium was filled with the standing ovation of all the students from different colleges. there were considerable number of female students were also there and a stunning disbelief was written on every ones face…except on the face of Dorathy who was sitting with a bunch of girls students from her college. but she was obviously seemed to be more excited than other girls. we are soon going to know the reasons for her obvious excitement and and uncontrollable happiness.
back to the stage….
the MP just got up from his chair and took the mike. “respected guests and audience, when i was asked to preside over this function, i was a bit reluctant as election was round the corner and my party needed all my assistance to take up certain important decisions. but you guys some how convinced me to attend this function and i am certainly not regretting my decision to accept your invitation.
he stopped a few seconds for the effect.. and the crowd responded well with clapping their hands.
“wow .. what a performance by everyone of you … ” Again claps. “and this particular student who gave a sterling performance as the heroine of the second drama….” he again stopped for effect. the crowd waited… “just gave me a jolt when her team captain announced that she was not a she but a he… this is the biggest shock of my life… but a very pleasant shock. what a talent.. what a look…! could you please come to the centre of the stage”
she …sorry he relunctantly slowly walked to the centre of the stage.
“May i know your name please?” he asked. she (he) mumbled some thing .
“could you please give her a mike” he requested and immediately a mike was placed on her (his) hands. “I am Priyan, a second year science student from Holy cross college” whether she (he) practiced her (his )voice like that or not, it sounded exactly like a girl’s soft voice.

“oh my god even your voice is like a female’s. now i have the doubt whether you are really a male student acted as a girl or that you are really a girl and testing us..” he was asking her (him) in a very excited yet confused voice.
At that moment the captain took the mike from her (him) and told in a loud voice.. “sorry, this is in fact Priyan and it seems that he has not yet to come out of the character. because he has taken the character in to his heart and working seriously on that for the past 3 months. he was literally living the character to make it believable and convincing. yes it’s absolutely impossible for someone to take this kind of dedication for an inter collegiate drama competition. we are extremely thankful to Priyan for his herculean efforts”
The auditorium went wild with the thunderous applause.
“Now i hope the real Priyan will say a few words” the mike was again given to Priyan.
“Respected guests and fellow students who gave unconditional support to my performance… i am thankful to all of you for your love” This time it was not a female voice but the young well modulated tone of a male. ” i really took this task seriously as my director made it very clear that the success of this drama squarely rest om my shoulders.. means.. that i should live the character. yes i literally lived the charactar. Except for the day time when i was attending the college i was living in female dress and makeup and taking dance classes from a film dance master and acting and body language from an assistant film directer. of course my college and fellow students and even my parents supported me all through and my thanks to all of them. yes it was a burden for a full blooded male to live as a female for nearly 3 months but it was done for a purpose … and i am glad that its over now and i can return to my normal male self and enjoy the special carefree world of the boys”. he bowed to the audience and went back and join the rest of his team.
Little he knew that destiny had re written his life on that particular day and the MP was going to play the crucial role in his ‘NEW LIFE’