hrough the magic test, foolish heart glad extremely, he finally completed the Owen’s a wish. Exciting way: “be, be, thank you, the great wizard’s.”

The case has always been slightly, go to the back of the wall place, and read a few words in a short spell, blue halo flash across, a door to appear, under the gaze of the foolish surprised, and case opened the door and went in.

Foolish envy of thought, the case of magic level is really big mage profound!!!!! Don’t know if this is the teacher elder brother morris strength, to return to the teacher there, be sure to talk to him learn magic. In the foolish heart, to brilliant magic than boring, more interested in practice.

Just thinking, bock hail to the front lobby of the christian louboutin sale door flew open, old mage a face of panic ran in, he saw the foolish one eye, ask a way: “young man, President of points?”

Foolish honest answer a way: “he said I passed the test, to take form.”

Old mage to stay and some envy of say: “I didn’t expect you can really through the test, young is not practical, and learn more and learn magic, be careful what finally didn’t learn it well.”

Foolish quickly nod a way: “yes, my uncle had so told me, thank you for your teachings.

Foolish of polite, but let the old mage some embarrassing, he cough two sound, didn’t say anything.

“How so slow! You are so the efficiency of the trade union mage low?” A bell ringing sound like the direction spread from the lobby.

Door open, foolish think you shine at the moment, seems to be whole “because of this man came in to light up. That is a look at the age of fourteen, five little girl, just like an angel stood there, light blue hair on the head comb a two braids and height in one meter six or so, a white dress limpid and green water in white faces two shallow dimples, a pair of clever big blue eyes looked very attractive, and face shone with a thin anger, with a fork in small pretty waist, another hand has made it a long only a foot of small magic rod, the dissatisfaction of looking at old the sorcerer. Magic rod because she has made it and can’t see the style, but foolish but dull feel, it’s certainly not the general staff. The most peculiar, is a touch of fully girls sacred breath, the same as she foil fairy.

Foolish eyes fully see straight, when he seen such a simple and free from vulgarity beauty!!!!! Murphy and her table than up, it is Ying fire and bright. He that stay straight eyes immediately by young girl found, the young girl anger to hum 1, usage by the nose of the foolish rod, way: “silly big guy, what you looking at? Haven’t seen beauty!”

Flushed with foolish of low head, in the heart is thought to himself, the girl although is very good-looking, but can be too violent temper, Philippines and severe table than many, or girl best for you.

Old mage compensate way: “grandma, you or not to come to the front to wait, points to take things the President, will be back soon.”

Young girl pursed up the small mouth way: “no, I will wait for him here, take it to find me, you, the efficiency is too slow, if not this young lady waiting to use the money, just won’t come to this place?”

Just then, the case finally from the wall in the door came out, a pile of things in his hand, a see the immediate situation, cannot help to stay, looked at the girl of irritable, blunt old mage way: “old huang, is this what is the row?”

Old mage see the case, obviously relieved, wry smile way: “today doesn’t know what day it is, the usual time, usually a month to have a test, but today the magic the two. It’s not, the young lady but also magic test. You come, I go to the front.” Say that finish, hurried out..