Catastrophic Health insurance is basically a kind of health insurance policy that protects the insurer against any catastrophe. It is often referred to as ‘High Deductible Health Plan’, as it comes along with low premium guarantee per month for a significantly higher deductible.

The insurer needs to pay for what he exactly needs rather than what he might need. Once you meet the deductibles, you need to pay the exact percentage of the total visit fee, regardless of whom you are seeing- a general practitioner or specialist. With catastrophic insurance in hand, people are free to opt for the best action as far as health care is needed.

Primarily, there are two kinds of catastrophic insurance plan Comprehensive and Supplemental. You will get benefits from your catastrophic plan, depending on the type of insurance you choose. The comprehensive plan proffers total coverage as compared to the conventional health insurance policies. In a comprehensive plan, there are monthly premiums and high deductible but are relatively low, which are quite higher in case of supplemental catastrophic plans. The comprehensive plan covers all the emergency services you might require, but at affordably lower monthly premiums, for instance ambulance care, or taking the patient to the ER. The supplemental plan acts as supplemental support policy for your existing health care plan including nursing care, medical appliances and psychiatric care, which are not included in your existing plan.

No matter which Catastrophic Health Insurance plan you choose, once you successfully meet your deductibles, the insurance company pays for the major medical expenses during times of need. Medical expenses include insurance plan, elective procedures and so forth.

If you are looking for a health insurance a comprehensive plan is just the right one for you. In cases if you already have health insurance plan, it is wise to opt for supplemental plan that covers medical needs that is not within your conventional health plan. So, now it is easy for you to figure out which kind of insurance plan is for you. Chose your medical plan carefully that suits your need.