A listen to profound moon will come back, base case almost collapsed on land, helpless shook his head, blunt foolish make expression of eyes.

Foolish rushed the case made low, and follow the xuan month left the mage trade unions.

A go out, profound moon not hesitate and go straight to the mercenaries union. Foolish low head, in the big flame red cloak under cover, can’t see his face.

Trade unions are still as busy as yesterday, noisy voices continuously came, profound moon and the arrival of the foolish, immediately attracted the attention of most people, especially, profound moon on the chest of gold medal emblem, that’s the sign of senior mage!!!!! Mercenaries, the most lack is the sorcerer, if there is a wizard to join them henchmen of group, will can give the mercenaries group enormous good. Just think, when the warriors in front charge, behind of the sorcerer casting for cover and treatment, it would be a wonderful thing. Foolish in the trade union to mercenaries, before his TianGang designedly sword send exist among mbt shoes clearance union mage, lest be sealing flat recognized.

“The mage’s adult, you would like to join mercenaries group? We are the strength of the day the wind group is very strong, if have you to join the icing, are not you, will think about it.”

“The sorcerer’s adult, you don’t listen to him HuChui, or to join our group right, mercenaries are iron war we definitely can ensure your safety. Even met danger, we will use to defend your life.”

“The sorcerer’s adult, we can have a lot of mercenaries are dragon group members beauty: oh, join us.”

Almost a little famous mercenaries group, all someone around the up, at that time, invite a continuous stream of sound, and foolish in the profound moon central.

The xuan month also that he could be so popular, in the heart cannot help to secretly proud, but her purpose is not to join the group the mercenaries, loudly way: “don’t noisy, don’t make so much noise. I’m not to join the group the mercenaries, quick step aside, you I want to set up a mercenaries group.”

The mercenaries are representative of , the sorcerer established separately a mercenaries group? That will be what concept? And listen to sounds, the senior mage seems to be a female, and age is not big.

While all the work of LengShen, profound moon to twist a blunt foolish way: “quick, you open in front, let’s go to the counter to inside.”

Foolish should a sound, it’s inside collect, gently pushed open the front all the way, with profound moon came to trade union most inside.

Mercenaries in the lobby of the trade union is very wide, can accommodate hundreds of people. In the lobby of the most inside, there are three counter, respectively is registration counter, the task bar and to receive the prize at the counter. Through the crowd, profound moon to pull a foolish went quickly to the registration counter and rushed inside of the staff shouted: “I want to register mercenaries group.”

After registration counter stood a young woman, she surprised on the chest at the xuan senior mage badges, kind of say: “young lady, are you sure?” She also has been working here a few years, had never heard of the sorcerer will have to register the group the mercenaries to the sorcerer’s position in the in the mainland, that they don’t need for a living and to rush about, mercenaries although is a lucrative career, but relatively speaking, and are at greater risk, according to what she only, only red mercenaries are generally have several of the sorcerer group, the general small mercenaries group don’t say the sorcerer, connect a  meaning of the magic is very few.

The xuan month impatiently say: “of course I’m sure, you hurry up, didn’t see so many flies around us?”

Young woman her mouth shut a smile, looked at the xuan month of side silent foolish, smiles to say: “excuse me, you of the group members are several people, head and deputy-heads name??? What???”