For all the pleasure it can bring him, it stands to reason that a man would spend hours per day caring for his goods; but on the contrary, most doctors and urologists will assert that men generally pay little attention to proper penis grooming and hygiene. Here is why penis care is so important, along with some useful tips for keeping the tool in tip-top shape.

Why extra TLC is needed in the nether regions

Aside from the fact that cleaner is always better, there are numerous practical reasons why a man should pay special attention to penis grooming and care. First of all, a member that is deficient in the grooming department is more prone to surface infections like balanitis and thrush – conditions which can be painful and can certainly come between a guy and a long evening with a hot date.

Second, a package that is lacking in hygiene just smells bad – everyone who is familiar with that distinctive odor will agree that it is off-putting and embarrassing.

Third, keeping the area clean and well-tended can make it more obvious when something is wrong, such as changes in the skin that can be an indicator of an underlying health problem. The penis is truly a barometer of a man’s overall health, so keeping an eye on its appearance and performance can serve as an early warning system.

How to Go About It

Wash it … yes, every day!

This point cannot be overemphasized, simply for the reasons outlined above. The manhood hangs out (or in) in a warm, humid environment where it is also exposed to a variety of bodily fluids, ranging from sweat to skin oils to urine to pre-ejaculate, and so on. Even men who enjoy their own manly scent and tend to be casual about showering on a daily basis should take a warm washcloth (gently) to the man-parts every day in order to ensure that they are fresh, healthy and ready to play.

Trim it

While not everyone is into manscaping and may find it a bit too fussy, shaving – or at least trimming – in the area covered by the boxers is a good way to keep things fresh and lively. Keeping the hairs shorter tends to reduce that funky odor, and many women find a trimmed pelvic region much more attractive. If these benefits are not enough, it has been asserted time and again that a man with shorter hairs appears to have a longer penis.

Cover it

Unless a man is preparing for fatherhood, there is really no reason not to cover up during each and every intimate encounter, and every reason to make sure he does. Using a condom can prevent both giving and getting of unpleasant diseases and infections, and it can also reduce the risk of friction-related injury to the area. For men who are sensitive to condoms made of latex, there are plenty of other options, so there is no reason to use an allergy as an excuse.

Examine it

It is a good idea to conduct a self-exam of the whole area at least once per month. During a wash and/or a trim, men should inspect the penis and surrounding parts closely for any signs of lumps, bumps, sores or other oddities that may be an indication of something wrong. If any of these are detected, a doctor should be called in to evaluate the issue and recommend any needed treatment.

Use a penis health formula.

The majority of men are not aware that there are health and beauty products designed specifically with the male tissue in mind. But a penis health formula (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be a powerful tool in a man’s person care arsenal. A daily application of a nutrient-rich cream can provide the right blend of vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants, which are rapidly absorbed when massaged into the skin’s surface to provide benefits ranging from smoother, suppler skin to better sensitivity to improved circulatory function. A cream like this can help a man’s member appear more attractive and experience sensual contact in a much more pleasurable way.

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