Counter the service personnel first thought he was hearing things, until now he understand come over, a shaky voice to say: “young lady, you sure wizard?”

The xuan month xi xi a smile, way: “of course, quick, quick, determined, right, to call me the day after evil mercenaries team leaders will do well.”

Look at the service personnel registration, card manufacturer is in the final effort, “ms wizard, the place was too dangerous, I see you are still out of mind.”

The xuan. From service personnel received has been mbt shoes clearance registered good CARDS, blunt card manufacturer smiles to say: “card manufacturer’s big– , you too old, old even dare all have no, is not a monster? We just go out and see, foolish, let’s go.” Say that finish, quickly ran out of the mercenaries trade unions.

Foolish and profound moon behind him, had left a sound of regret. Nobody expects it to the task.

Card manufacturer on mix for years in society, of course, not because the xuan month said he will change their courage small position, dim and shook his head. “it’s a t know to be afraid of the tiger, but two of the sorcerer! Death? That’s one can mountains to place?”

The shadow of the trade union mercenaries are outside, two figure is down the conversation.

“The two, you hurry back to back bishop, miss going to death, I followed her past mountains.”

“Silver, let’s stop a direct miss not to go, do not let !!!!! There but Vatican mountains announced the forbidden area of.”

“Ah, I know that but, do you think we can stop the young lady of her temper? You know, you forget that the light was her last time of baptism pain? You hurry up go to, only great talent to be able to stop bishop miss made, I’ll try to protect their risk of death, the mountains edge if your excellency haven’t come, I’ll try to stop it.”

“Well, silver, that I first go to a, have to protect the safety of the miss, otherwise, we’re all going to die. Miss although temper a little, but the heart or very good kind of!”

“You said, with miss but I look at grew up, and she was born from a director, to this task to me. I was even couldn’t believe it. After all, let’s set in can not need!!!!! You hurry up go to, time is life.”

Our product is mainly aimed at the foreign market ears, and another, then quietly with further foolish and profound moon in behind him.

The xuan walked on, on either side of the excitement said: “foolish, you say, we if has completed the task, mercenaries ranks will be will not increase a lot! Maybe get a super mercenaries dangdang? Good interesting oh. Hee hee.” She seems to have forgotten the morning and foolish contradiction, heart full of adventure expectations.

Just now they have to go first union there take back TianGang  sword, foolish for profound moon mission also take this and not dissatisfied, his heart only gourmet crystal this term. “Young lady, I want to ask you a question.”

The xuan month mood is right, way: “you ask.”

Foolish way: “young lady, do you know what is best crystal? Let’s if even what the object is appearance all don’t know, how should be looking for?”

The xuan month a smile of mysterious, gather together a foolish side, careful looked around, low voice way: “I didn’t expect you to become will be thinking. Of course I know is what appearance, otherwise, I cannot go to take on this mission.”