On walking by a martial arts school, the most common sight you will see is a group of kids learning and practising the art. In some schools, you may even see a few adults getting the training. This has led to make an impression that martial art is for the younger generation.

If you have the same thinking, then let me assure you that it is totally wrong. There are a number of misconceptions attached to it therefore it is advisable that you should conduct a small personal research if you are interested in learning any form of martial arts.

  • Age does not matter

What you need to understand completely is that age is not a factor that can stop you from learning any style or form of martial arts. In fact, you will become more fit physically and your body will thank you for that. It will increase your flexibility and provide you a better posture. Your muscles will feel more relaxed and chances of getting injured easily will minimise automatically.

Your physical conditioning will reach to a new level, no matter how much physically active you are. The entire body, including all the muscle groups will get a proper workout. By learning any form or style, you can also shed some excess weight and calories.

  • Current physical condition does not make any difference

When you find a right school with an expert instructor, then your training will be based on your current abilities and condition. An experienced instructor will decide the pace of your training making it either fast or slow and the level in which you are more comfortable.

If your instructor is experienced enough, chances of getting an injury while training are minimum. The instructor will monitor your training closely and will point out if you are making any wrong moves.

  • You don’t want to train with the kids

People often feel embarrassed in doing or learning physical training with kids. There are many schools that run training programs meant only for adults. With the same age group, you will surely feel more comfortable and may start looking forward to catch the fun of training with people of your age.

  • A better option than gym and weightlifting

Many similar health benefits you will get by joining a gym or by training in martial arts. But, there are a number of benefits of martial arts that you will not find anywhere else. At every session, it provides a full body workout with both conditioning and Cardio. Your instructor will guide you in each and every step, acting like a personal trainer.

You get an unmatched mental workout with martial arts training that you will fail to find anywhere else. Physical activities are known for reducing stress, but this type of training goes one step further. It provides an excellent focus and can be done properly only with a clear mind. Your daily stresses both mental and physical are reduced greatly by training on a regular basis.

You will get an amazing spiritual experience and inner peace which will help you to excel in your daily busy schedule. You can search online to find the martial arts school in Sydney that provides classes for adults.

Jow Gar Kung Fu :

Also referred to as Jow Ga, Chau Ka, Zhou Jia and Chow Gar depending on translation, it is a powerful self defence system with its origins in the shaolin temples.

Jow Gar’s founder Jow Lung (Chau Lung, Chow Lung) combined three styles to create one effective style that would combat all others. The three styles Jow Lung used to create his art were Hung Gar, Choy Gar and Northern Shaolin.

Sifu Nathan Head:

Sifu Nathan Head has over 30 years experience in the martial arts. Training in the art of Judo since he was 12, he has been training in Jow Gar Kung Fu for over 14 years and has devoted himself to mastering the styles of Pak Mei and Dragon Kung Fu also. Nathan has worked very hard to bring the external and internal disciplines of kung fu and chi kung back under one roof, so that his students can benefit from full and complete systems of Jow Gar Kung Fu and The Universal Healing Tao. Which provide students a clear path of physical, philosophical and spiritual guidelines in which to enrich and better their health and lives.

Head Academy Instructors:

Meet the best team of instructors in any martial arts school in Australia!

Each of our lead instructors holds the rank of Black Sash or higher.

Most of them have been training with us for 10 years or more, and are highly skilled at teaching both children and adults.

Our Mission Statement:

Our aim is to aid individuals of all ages in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

By teaching the best and most effective tools for self defence.

By creating a fun, enjoyable and ego free atmosphere where people can train and learn.

By bringing together tangible knowledge, systems, and simple and effective tools that will enable individuals to transform themselves and live healthy, full and meaningful lives.