Looking after the special someone who is indeed disabled can mean both they and you find it really difficult to get out of the house normally. The NHS Car scheme, which is run by a national charity, can rightly help get you mobile again in a right way. It also rightly allows some of the disabled people in order to obtain a particular car, powered wheelchair or scooter that is made in a customized way for the disabled.
Who can apply?

The NHS Car Scheme is available to:

• The people who particularly receive the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance also referred to as DLA
• The people who rightly receive the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement

It does not at all matter if the particular person you are looking after cannot drive. They can still rightly apply for a particular car in which they will be a passenger. The parents and the care takers can rightly apply on behalf of a child. Ideally, the particular person you are looking after will receive their overall mobility component or the supplement for the entire time the NHS scheme lasts. Find more information about the mobility component of the DLA in the benefits section that is very crucial. The Motability or the NHS scheme will rightly accept the various applications from the people who have at least 12 months of their mobility award left in order to run when they apply.

How the Motability scheme works

The NHS Car Scheme rightly enables the concerned person you are looking after, or if you are looking after a child, to obtain a car, a wheelchair or scooter through the contract hire or the hire purchase.

The contract hire car scheme rightly offers a mobility package that specifically takes away many of the pressures of being a car owner, especially the hefty bills. Many of the cars in this particular scheme are readily available in exchange for the full higher rate mobility component of the DLA. There is indeed an extra, advance payment, ranging from around £50 to the several hundred pounds, for the larger or more expensive cars that are available to be leased. This is particularly used in order to cover the difference in the overall price. On the other hand, some of the smaller cars are indeed available for less than the full amount of the total allowance. The amount left over is paid to the claimant, as normal.

The contract hire scheme rightly includes:

• a brand new car every three years is a part of the contract
• the full insurance for the driver and the passengers are also included
• the overall servicing, maintenance and the repairs of the owned car is done
• the road tax that is a part of the contract
• free replacement of the tyres
• breakdown cover
• a 60,0000-mile allowance over three years
• more than 4,500 Motability dealers

The various adaptations to the particular car can be made if needed, although there may be an extra charge for some of the adaptations. Under the NHS scheme, the cars can also be adapted for the people in the wheelchairs. These are known as the wheelchair accessible vehicles.

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