The PuYan springville family ruled the mainland three-quarters of the country, eyes reveals the look of pride, excited, it seems he himself was once are there before. Especially in the murals look to carry the eyes of robust god of war, it is full of devotion and admire. Foolish and profound moon has been his story deep infection, two people listen quietly taplin narrative, totally immersed in thousands of years ago in the story.

Go to the fifth fresco springville before, this is the biggest in the grottoes a fresco, up almost one 5 of the cave walls, like in the murals and now PuYan nations of the tribe is like, everywhere is stone houses, PuYan clansman all faces lit up with happy smile, everybody all busy, a time of appearance. Said with a sigh, way: “we PuYan race’s heyday for three thousand years, in the three thousand, we completely became the mbt outlet master of the continent. This is the scene at that moment in the mainland, almost every corner of all have the same tribe.”

One side says, continue to forward to walk tall, came to the sixth fresco, before the sixth fresco, paint is a city, although the wall small, no too many buildings, but that is still a city. Said with a sigh, way: “the mainland is too broad regional, although we occupied most of the land, because of distance but too far, then a lot of things or very backward. Our people gradually separated into several parts. What is now the white race, black also include red generally that red hair family. They race in originally under the influence of the customs of the natives, gradually away from the us PuYan race’s rule, formed a state of their own. They even the most fundamental interest nature have deserted. Start destroying forests, set up the first city. We were the chief of the fathers of the PuYan because you are all the seed of family, and not blame them, after all, our PuYan clansman, mainland still hold more than half of the land.”

Taplin eyes reveal. with all the a teacher younger brother the respectful toward the direction of the TianGang if the blademaster disappear upon. A long time, XiWenCai way: “let’s me side wall three months, you see……”

C. stared at him, a way: “you did this side you stand! Four brother, from now on you will urge students practice, we must grasp the, the teacher let’s increase strength, there must be the purpose of his old man’s house.”

LuWenDao: “be. Big brother.” ……

A dark room.

“I have something for you?” Deep voice ring.

“If nothing, you think I’d like to come here?” Another voice almost and a low as before.

“What is it?” Deep voice with a little emotional.

“I hand for tasks, met you under the hand of the attacks and kill me a hand for a trade union, the killer of master, you are this explain.” This person is the thieves guild President, since he know their access will die in hades after the  immediately killer union headquarters sending fighters into obsequies. The headquarters of the killer union to others may be a secret place, but for him it is the world of the thieves for intelligence, wasn’t a problem.

“Huh? You say???????”Master some surprise of said.

“I said you kill me a hand under the hand of the one who get, you should know the train a person has, how difficult it is to get to your training those who think the culling more difficult.” President of the outraged said…